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  1. Thank you all so much for your tips! My road trip started today, and I've posted the first video from Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem. Be sure to keep in touch, heading down to Virginia, then the carolinas next! You can check out the webisodes if you'd like, it's called "BBQ with Brian and Jason" and they're all on www.bbqbj.net
  2. Peking Duck House is not that great. I'm telling you, trust me, Big Wong King. You won't be disappointed.
  3. I went on this search last year. If they have it in stock, I would suggest Big Wong King. It's simple, authentic chinese, but they do peking right. http://www.menupages.com/restaurants/big-wong-king/ But the last few times I've gone, they haven't had it. It's great. If there are any other suggestions, let me know. By no means do I believe Big Wong King to be the best peking duck I've ever had (that goes to Tony Cheng's in Washington DC)
  4. I will absolutely second that suggestion of Supper. It's especially not busy for brunch. And their brunch IS particularly delicious. I'm not sure if this is AS casual as you'd like, but I've had fine meals at 26 seats in the east village. And John's Shanghai in midtown. If you want dumplings my personal fav is Vanessa's Dumpling House in chinatown (NOT the one in union square)
  5. That's some great advice! I'm going to be eating IN at all the restaurants so no need to worry about it getting stale. Thanks for the awesome east carolina breakdown, I'll try to make it to all 5 of those!
  6. Sims sounds awesome! I also see there are cloggers though - looks like a good time. Been added to the list!
  7. Am I completely crazy, or does Polly-O string cheese taste quantifiably better than any other string cheese there is? What do you all think? Can you tell a difference? How is it possible Polly-O is THAT much better? Is there a better one? Incidentally, when I lived in Canada I went nuts, since it's not available up there.
  8. Yes. Like the rib chips above, Bacos are certified "pareve", meaning they're neither milk nor meat.
  9. It's looking like we might not make it to Atlanta...but we'll see.
  10. Those definitely sound good. I have never had a pig's foot. Might just have to...little trailers on a country road seem like they would have the best BBQ. Can't wait to try. Still figuring out the exact itinerary, but I've definitely consulted Holly's site. It's great! I have a feeling we'll spend a few days in the carolinas and then move westward. Oh man I can't wait to go...keep the suggestions coming! Thanks for the SC suggestions, I had heard that Maurice's was a chain so I'm happy to have other options. I've never even HAD a mustard based bbq sauce.
  11. Ah I'm always worried about anywhere featured on Food Network, but since it was Alton I think I can let it slide. Thanks for the tip! Looks like Kentucky's really representing!
  12. I went to the restaurant mentioned in that article - T Poutine. It's actually pretty darn good, and they have lots of types, a southwestern Poutine with beans and beef, a dessert poutine made from sweet potato fries, maple syrup and cinnamon, etc. The craziest thing about T Poutine, though, is that their cheese curds DON'T MELT! My favorite poutine spot (Bubba's in Kingston, ON) would always have the cheese curds turn into melty deliciousness...for some reason they just won't melt at T Poutine. I wonder why that is?
  13. Definitely don't plan on getting stuck in major cities, but as long as I'm in the South I might as well see as much of it as possible, no? Thanks for the Burgoo tip! It's that type of knowledge that has me convinced I'll be checking in with you guys while on the road wherever I can. So...no bbq in major cities. Skipping Dreamland (although I think we may end up going to the original...seems like a requirement?) Bob Gibson's... What gems am I missing that haven't been listed here yet? Once I have the route planned out, I'll make a map and share it, get your thoughts, etc.
  14. Yea, they advertised for this show pretty hard during last night's Next Iron Chef finale...although I don't think they're casting anymore because it looks like it's been produced/in production.
  15. I'm still in shock it's not Appleman
  16. I would say skip Cluck U. There is absolutely NO reason to go there. Now if you want amazing wings/chicken, I can suggest either Mad For Chicken (madforchicken.com) in Koreatown - it used to be a Bon Chon franchise. Another great korean chicken option is Boka on St Marks bet 2nd and 3rd - that still IS bon chon.
  17. I'm there! Checked the link, those beans look amazing. I'm gonna definitely have to get some with the pork! Looks close enough to be able to make it. I'm thinking of cutting Atlanta out in its entirety, in order to make time for mississippi, alabama and arkansas, etc. Keep these suggestions coming! I can't wait. And I'll be sure to share the link for my travels once it's live.
  18. Everyone seems to be saying skip Atlanta, so I guess maybe we will, giving us more time to explore TN. Is there anywhere that I'm REALLY missing? Some hidden spot, a gem that hasn't been tarnished by a visit from guy fieri or anyone else on the food network? And what about Alabama? They use some kind of white sauce right?
  19. Wow, I thank you for taking one in the pride for me.
  20. One state is a good idea, but as long as we're in the south we want to really go through. I haven't done much travelling in the south before, so it'll be good to do a southern road trip with a bbq theme. We're thinking of bringing a camera and updating at each place we go, posting to youtube every night! You have no idea how excited I am for this trip.
  21. Oh darn, my computer autocompleted this topic to read "heartland" instead of "southeast." Really, I just want to make sure I'm going to the best of the best.
  22. Hi, I'm new to the eGullet forums, but I know you all are the ones I should check in with...I live in NYC and have the week of december 7th-11th off of work. With the weekend, that gives me a full 7 days to travel this great country of ours with a good friend of mine, and try as much bbq as possible. So where should we go? I'm X-posting this in the heartland, because as of now the plan is NYC-->Carolinas-->Atlanta-->Tennessee and any stops in between. Although I just realized this might offend St Louis enthusiasts, I DO only have a week here... We don't want to waste our time with tourist traps and overrated bbq joints. As of right now I have the following list of restaurants we're considering...where else should we go?! Where should we skip? Melvin’s BBQ – Charleston SC Mac’s Speed Shop – Charlotte NC Sweet Leaf – Savannah GA Big Ed’s – Raleigh NC Swallow at the Hollow – Roanoke VA Corky’s BBQ – Memphis TN Rendezvous – Memphis TN BBQ Shop – Memphis TN BBQ-1 – Atlanta GA Daddyz – Atlanta GA Parker’s – Wilson NC Interstate BBQ – Memphis TN Martinsville, VA – Checkered Pig Asheville, NC – Mountain Smokehouse Goldsboro, NC – Scott’s Famous Barbeque Lexington, NC – Lexington BBQ#1 (can’t go wrong anywhere in Lex) Lexington, NC – Jimmy’s Chapel Hill, NC – Allen & Sons (awesome pulled pork) Raleigh, NC – The Pit Ayden, NC – Skylight Inn South Carolina – Maurices Mutton BBQ – Owensboro KY Smokin Ed’s – Smyma TN BB’s BBQ – Franklin TN Thanks!!
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