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  1. Thanks! Clearly his name was misspelled in the article.
  2. Does anyone know who John Settler is or what restaurant he ran? I read an article mentioning him and Wolfgang Puck as Chefs who defined LA Cuisine, but I can't find anything on him.
  3. Ha! Well if I get time this week, I'll try it and post the results here. Thanks, Mkayahara. The trick then is using the Whipped Cream Canister and keeping it upright. The Soda Siphon has a hose that reaches to the bottom, which means it still dispenses its contents when upright.
  4. Thanks again Leslie! Maybe you can depress the valve slowly keeping the container upright and just release the gas. It seems like just unscrewing the top would be dangerous, and I think ISI warns against it. Let us know how it turns out if you try it.
  5. Thanks Leslie, I found some places that I could order from that delivered to the U.S. (for some reason the Lyo-Sabores are hard to find from U.S. distributors), but knowing I can just substitute other brands of freeze-dried fruit makes things a lot easier.
  6. I'm having trouble finding these from the Texturas line from El Bulli (there's a couple recipes with them I want to make from www.albertyferranadria.com). Are the Lyo-Sabores just freeze dried fruit? Or do they use a different process?
  7. I know it was posted a while ago, but does anyone know how to finish the process of carbonating the spheres (as in the mojitos ChefT posted about, or chickenfriedgourmet's vodka cranberry spheres)? You're supposed to add the spheres and some liquid to an ISI container and charge the container. But then what? If you release the gas by spritzing out the liquid won't that destroy the spheres? Also, Tri2Cook, that's immediately what I though of too when I first learned about the process. I think it'd be worth it to try. There must be some way to get a sphere within a sphere.
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