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  1. I don't know that one - why was it more interesting?
  2. American usage - mainly in the Deep South - when you have your big meal at lunch, the evening meal is supper (ie it was soup because you'd already had a big meal). So on Sundays you have breakfast, dinner, and supper. Other days you have breakfast, lunch and dinner. I didn't know it had a class connotation, in the US it's very regional and basically unused outside the South, as far as I know (though it sounds like it may have hipster usage that I'm, um, un-hip to.)
  3. I'm really intrigued by the supperclub phenomenon. Who's been to one? What makes a good one? Which are your favorites?
  4. Harwood's my local - just got a reservation for later this week - I guess the word is not widely out yet! Hadn't been in a year or so, and last time it was only OK, looking forward to seeing the renewed efforts!
  5. so it's just kind of everyday stuff (+ jello) from cook's illustrated, rather than elaborate recipes?
  6. I'm curious about the 'pop-up' restaurants in London, either the seasonal (xmas) ones or the occasional ones set up for a specific chef to offer dinners without opening a restaurant of their own. What do you know about them in London, and which ones are worth going to? Where do you find info on them? Thanks!
  7. I'm outside the US and was just looking at the Cook's Illustrated website and noticed that they have a new title called Cook's Country - what is it? what's the difference between this and Cook's Illustrated? Looks very similar...
  8. NY Times reveiws the cookbook today - doesn't look terribly simple from what they've said!
  9. Very exciting to see a mafe post, as it is one of my favourite dishes from my days in an african non profit in paris selling senegalese plats cuisines! Yassa - lemon and onion usually with chicken - is also really yummy! Must do a beef mafe this weekend!
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