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  1. The Mint Julep

    For some "expert" formulations, see the Institute for Cocktail Excellence (ICE)... http://www.cocktailhall.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=9&Itemid=36 -Steve
  2. Using beer in cocktails

    Hi everyone, As a lover of strong, rich, complex dark imperial stouts, belgian quadruples, and barley wines, I do enjoy attempts at taking them even further. I really enjoyed a dark belgian strong ale with a touch of Pedro Ximenez Sherry and Meyer's rum. (don't know if it's got a name already). Regardless, without trying to stir up any old debate about whether a beer cocktail is an abomination of both a beer and a cocktail, what is a beer cocktail you like? -Steve http://www.cocktailhall.org
  3. Need drink ideas

    Thanks very much for the ideas. I think I'll experiment with some wood-smoked ingredients as well as with mezcal/tequila blend. Thanks again! Steve
  4. Gin and Tonic – Finetuned

    Hi everyone, So, last time I brought up the Manhattan and asked people for some of their favorite "enhancements" to this great cocktail (even if those enhancements caused the drink to be possibly classified under some non-Manhattan name). How about enhancements to a Gin and Tonic? What liquor, liqueur, wine, bitter, or whatever do you sometimes add to it to bring the flavor profile/complexity up a notch? Steve
  5. Best Manhattan variations?

    I agree that one can't go too far without the Manhattan becoming something else. If I went with Rye, Carpano antica, bitters, and 2 drops of, say, fino sherri, is that too far? Regardless, I've love to hear of Manhattan variations and Manhattan-similar cocktails (very similar). Steve
  6. Champagne cocktails

    I've been leaning towards the French 75 How about the Burra Peg or Sorrello? -Steve
  7. Champagne cocktails

    So, I'm looking to add a "classic" Royale... champagne-based cocktail to a special drink menu for some "visiting dignitaries". What's your favorite? Seelsbach Cocktail? French 75? Champagne Cocktail? Other? Thanks in advance, Steve
  8. Splificator...many thanks! Steve
  9. I, too, would like the recipe (and any related history) for the Jimmy Roosevelt. I'm actually in the early stages of creating an Alcohol of Fame, with the help of Doc, Dale DeGroff, Gary Regan, Ryan Magarian and Jamie Boudreau (to start) on the judging panel. Cocktails will be voted in to the "Hall" at some basis, starting with the oldies first. We also want to get some popular vote from knowledgable mixologists as well. I'll keep you posted. -Steve