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  1. Per Se was one of the single most amazing experiences of my life thus far. So worth it.
  2. Holy monsters, three hour wait at 8pm!! Tried to make it, I'm sure it was great...
  3. Will be in town next week - can't wait to have a Juliet & Romeo! With the help of Katie Loeb, Capogiro's highlighting it on our gelato cocktail menu! Huge hit, great drink.
  4. All I'm gonna say is that it's really, really good stuff.
  5. Meredith from Philadelphia Distilling will be behind Capo's bar at 40th and Walnut on September 24th mixing cocktails using their liquors and our gelato! We're doing flavors for as long as the fruit's available - blueberry & Bluecoat Gin as well as the cantaloupe & Vieux Carre, and a cucumber sorbetto with Penn 1681 vodka. Gelato! And booze! Oh my!!
  6. I almost feel like I'm poking a bear here, but I have to ask - has anyone been? I'm a little surprised about the lack of discussion about its recent opening. It's a beautiful space and based on several trips by it looks like they're booming. I'm wondering if the silence isn't due in part with their involvement with the PLCB. Several bar-owner friends of mine have expressed chagrin over the relationship, feeling like they're getting advantages over competition, etc. Anyone?
  7. Recently found a few of these at one of my favorite flea markets (Route 13, New Castle Delaware). They're in perfect condition, though I have absolutely no idea how old they are, they're definitely my favorite "I Had A Bad Day" Manhattan glasses.
  8. This made me laugh out loud long and hard. And then made me wonder how many surfaces I've swiped errant drops of fernet, only to lick it off my fingers. It's nice to be in good company.
  9. DiBruno's may have it, though I would be more inclined to check out Claudio's on 9th Street...we carry Sanbitter at Capogiro, which may sate your need for a bitter apertif.
  10. I really think you need to simplify. If for no other reason than imagining a line of ten people out your door ordering the same thing - what's the most efficient, cost effective and tasty beverage you can serve? You need to rely on your good old espresso machine and steam wand - you mentioned you're serving espresso, I'm assuming you have a manual machine? Or at least one with a reliable steam wand? I think that using shaved chocolate will be your downfall, if for no other reason, it just won't incorporate well, especially if combined with cocoa powder. Keep it simple!!
  11. I've had great success making them to order but only offering them for people who want to sit and enjoy them. They're absolutely too dense to put into paper cups for to-go options, IMO. You can control your cost better if you use a powdered cocoa and add necessary ingredients to thicken. I think you might kill someone if you offered a 16 oz size! It'd be more special if it were smaller. Good luck!
  12. Stopped by here this morning, it's such a sweet space! So excited about the Stumptown Coffee, as well as the Q Tonic (thanks Katie!!) and hibiscus. About to add the flowers to some grain and jar em up for a while. Pretty much a perfect Sunday stop. They even have an ATM for those unprepared for the cash-only stipulation.
  13. A hunk of French Muenster (WITH rind...), canned duck pate and anise gelato. I really think I just made myself nauseous.
  14. Just one more shout-out to the Oyster House - I simply had to. I've been following these boards for about a year now and finally bit the bullet and decided to start posting. Mike and I stopped by for some food and drinks on Monday night and found seats at the bar, the magnanimous Katie Loeb and the Phillies on the TV (sans screaming fans at every other establishment in the city). We bunkered in and ordered Manhattans (me) and an Old Fashioned (he). Katie the Manhattans I just can't stop thinking about. They really were perfect. We ordered Stone Crab claws from the raw bar and they were everything I've been looking forward to since last season, though the romantic in me wonders if I just love them because they're so beautiful to look at. We followed them up with the Winter Clam Bake which put me into a food coma, though the Phillies were playing so well it brought me out of it a bit. Just had to say thanks! Katie I do hope to see you at Capogiro one of these days!! Cheers, Sarah
  15. It's my first post, so I figure I'll venture out on the limb of Thai food.... Hi! So there's hope in Manayunk?? I am willing to travel for Thai food - there is a hollow place in my heart that's not been filled since I returned from Bangkok some two years ago. Although, I really do like Cafe de Laos. I stand by their green curry and migrate towards 11th and Washington as my safe haven when it's freezing and I want an excuse for a random bottle of cheap champagne. I once asked if they did sticky rice with mango and the waiter looked at me oddly for a minute before rushing off and concocting a beautiful plate of just that (off the menu). By no means the best I've had (maybe not even close) but the sentimentality of it and the sweetness of his gesture doubled my inclination to go back. So...Manayunk? I really think it's time to buy a car. Cheers - Sarah
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