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  1. CCcoooooollllll.. I can't wait! I've walked past last night and the night before and it was rammed!! I've heard very good things about the burgers.
  2. Any one booked in for the fifty percent off first ten day promotion?
  3. Yeah, I went to Polpetto about a month, three weeks ago (?) when it first opened. Great atmosphere. Food didn't blow me away. Service was great, wine was amazing, Fergus henderson was sitting next to me. I was there with a chef friend and he has a bit of a tendency to be over critical to be honest, but still, there were big weaknesses in the dishes. I will be going again though. Just like Pulpo, It's about more than the food.
  4. How great to hear people being so nice about the Archangel. My mate Sam runs the place, and also happens to be one of the best cocktail barmen I have ever encountered, (Babington/Soho house pedigree). A better perfect manhattan than 69 Colebrook Row or Hix, I shit you not! He used to run At The Chapel in Bruton, also in Somerset. I'd love to hear more reports of people going to this place.
  5. countryboy


    Harefur, You're from Bendigo! Do you know a chef called Brent Loam and his girlfriend Jody?
  6. countryboy


    Well, what a pair of legends you two are. I live in Somerset and see many pheasants, wonderful birds that they are. David, I have certainly never kidded myself that the errant fox is anything other than the Terminator in a fluffly coat. I would love it if anyone else has anything to say at all about the humble pheasant. Be it recipes, spottings or any observations at all. I've been reading Brillat Savarin recently and he appreciates the bird more than anyone else I can think of. LONG LIVE THE PHEASANT.
  7. countryboy


    Hello all, as I said above, I've got a bee in my bonnet about pheasants. Anyone got anything cool I should know? A favourite recipe, facts, even, God forbid, shooting experience?
  8. Gareth, you're a legend. I guess that wraps that on up. Thankyou very much. That is exactly where I will go and everyting I need to know. Cheers mate.
  9. Saf? Never heard of it. I'll check it out. As an ex-waiter I have a bit of an issue with vegans: "eeerr...waiter, there's nothing I can eat on this menu." YOU'RE A F#*!ING VEGAN. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN EAT.
  10. Reviews on London Eating of Morgan M are abysmal. I wouldn't normally pay much attention but they are quite something. I'm thinking maybe the Ledbury now.
  11. I'd love to find the sort of place that thinks Belvedere is real vodka and Grey Goose is crappy stuff in a posh bottle. Any recommendations would be gratefully recieved. I need to impress.
  12. Carnvelae, cool, I will check it out. I used to have a market stall on Whitecross street!
  13. Morgan M really does sound good. Why has that place never come up on my radar before? Right in my neck of the woods too. The Ledbury veggie tasting sounds great and it would a good for conviviality if my friend (the veggie) and I (the meat slut) ate the same food. I have often thought that this is the only good thing about tasting menus. Everyone has to eat them. Limits as this does haev at least you all have a comparable experience, for the good or the bad. Anyone else got any favourites? Am I being mean about Mildred's, it's always sounded awful to me.
  14. In which case what do I do? I don't want to go to Mildred's or the universally panned Zilli Green, the so called restaurants for vegetarians. Ledbury sounds intriguing. I'll check it our, and this place in Islington which I must admit I have never heard of. Cheers guys.
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