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  1. BKYLN

    Dinner 2014 (Part 7)

    estimated time of arrival?
  2. I've dealt with enough prosciutto to know that what you have there is from a leg
  3. for staff meal I occassionaly make my proprietary Cheeseburger Casserole. a layer of savor bread pudding, then beef, cheese, and another layer of bread pudding on top. served with plenty of salad with yellow mustard vinaigrette.
  4. BKYLN


    I like to peel them and then use the peeler to make ribbons of the flesh, which I blanch in water with citrus, coriander, herbs, etc.
  5. BKYLN

    Creamed Leeks

    reduce stock til nearly dry, add cream, reduce to desired viscosity, add blanched (10 seconds in boiling water) leeks, season
  6. a vinaigrette without vinegar?
  7. if you have them, you might as well try it. no sense in wasting them.
  8. Y-peeler (Kuhn Rikon) for everything except citrus. the Messermeister linked in a post above is perfect for getting planks of zest without pith.
  9. BKYLN

    Dinner! 2013 (Part 1)

    Oh yeah...that's why I moved out of NYC
  10. plastic? no no no. from your description I think you want a composite rubber board. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Dgarden&field-keywords=sani-tuff I have a Sani-Tuff and it is fantastic. It's also the same board that we've used in each of the Michelin-starred restaurants I've worked at.
  11. BKYLN

    Steak I'm Frustrated

    it's so much better at a restaurant because they are smothering the steak in butter, herbs, and probably garlic during and after the cooking process.
  12. BKYLN

    Steak I'm Frustrated

    Your problem is using Select beef.
  13. BKYLN

    Dinner! 2013 (Part 1)

    .and you would miss out on a significant amount of flavor, and also be able to trim the remaining saturated fat before consumption.
  14. first of all, 350 for 30 min is way too much for a pork chop unless it's 3 or 4 bones worth. Second, what is your method of adhesion, in regards to panko to pork chop? are you mixing the panko with anything or just sprinkling it on the chops? the absolute best way for perfect pre-browned panko, if necessary, is to pan-fry them with a large amount of fat (I mix butter and oil) and to keep them moving constantly by shaking the pan and stirring with a whisk or fish spat. strain into a chinois, pour out onto paper towel or whatever, and immediately mix with herbs/other flavorings. Considering that you're asking abut pork, I would cook the chops to 1/2 temp below what you want, pull them and slather with quality mustard, and then add the panko. Broil briefly to reheat/crisp the panko and meld the flavor with the mustard. Rest 5-7 min and serve.
  15. maybe I should have clarified that I've cooked at 3 Michelin star restaurants, so to me, poaching eggs is easy.
  16. so much work for something so simple and easy
  17. BKYLN

    Braising help needed

    I did a major double-take at the amount of liquid you used. That's your problem, plain and simple.
  18. BKYLN

    Dinner! 2012

    No, they won't. You can flash-fry any herb without that nonsense. -a pro
  19. BKYLN

    Crab Cakes

    A 1/2# would be closer to 2 medium cakes, though it depends on what else you put in of course. The best crab cakes I've ever had were the ones I made while working at a very popular, now-closed NYC restaurant. No bread whatsoever (except for panko to coat), crab bound with fish mousse and a "base" of diced tomatoes and onions cooked down on low heat for a long time, til the liquid has been released and then evaporated...sort of forming a tomatoe/onion paste. Add spices, herbs, garlic, etc. to the paste/base. Yields very light crab cakes with no heavy bread taking up space.
  20. BKYLN


    I have cooked abalone professionally. Good solid saute pan, coating the bottom with oil, get it smoking hot (literally), 7-9 seconds on each side while pressing down firmly but not crushing it.
  21. Can I ask what you're basing this on, other than pure uninformed speculation?
  22. BKYLN

    Obscene Sandwich

    No pics, but a few months ago I had the day off and made the following for my gf and I: Beer-braised short ribs, leek & smoked Gouda sauce, arugula, red onion, pickled julienned red bell pepper on the morning's ciabatta. We agreed that it was the best sandwich either of us have ever had. If the groceries hadn't cost me nearly $50 for just 2 sandwiches worth, I'd make them once a week.
  23. Are you looking to buy a new knife or just study them? Either way you should visit knifeforums.com and foodieforums.com.
  24. Most of this response is mumbo jumbo. A dice is a cube. A large dice is 3/4". A medium dice is 1/2". A small dice is 1/4". A brunoise is 1/8". A fine brunoise is 1/16". "Mince" and "chop" have no numerical parameters. Mince would be comparable to a brunoise. Chop is a dumb word and is never used in professional kitchens. And matchstick sized pieces are basically a julienne, which is 1/8" x 1/8" by 1-2". Don't take my word for it though, I only work in a 3 star Michelin restaurant.
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