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  1. ruby red found agaréagar and tapoica powder in china town, in plastic packs
  2. i found an earlier post by carswell with lots of high end cheese shops which is great i wuld like to see if there are any lower price options for some of us who are not connoisseur yet.
  3. trying to master mojito, as to bruiseénot beat the mint. tofu week in the house ( 5 days of tofu meals)

  4. hi i am looking for places to buy cheeses, at a good price. i am into trying out different cheeses, this has been my research: atwater market jeantalon market costco la vielle europe (st laurent) marche aubut (st.ambriose) does saputo have an outlet where thy sells bricks of chedder/mozerella any of ur suggestions are welcome- and if u had once place give a better pricing than other for certain cheeses thanks