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    Dinner 2019

    Margherita pizza.
  2. The end goal is Matzah ball soup, so I need to make stock. Normally, I'll just add a pound or two of chicken feet with a couple chicken carcasses. However, is there any benefit to roasting the feet prior to using them in the stock? Also, what ratio of water to bones does everyone use? Thanks!
  3. @HungryChrisThose homefries look heavenly.
  4. Sperry Organic Flour. 64% hydration. Parmesan. Gorgonzola. Whole milk Mozz. Proscuitto. Arugula. Balsamic Glaze.
  5. @Shelby That's a serious orange yolk.
  6. Brussells Sprouts and Pancetta (should have evened out the pancetta better). My attempt to re-create Motorino's masterpiece. Caputo Pizzeria 68% hydration Buff Motz Garlic Pancetta Brussels
  7. I highly recommend a Blackstone. Trying to replicate Neopolitan pizza using a home oven won't likely work. You need to be 800-900 floor temps with 900+ dome. Sub 90 second cooking times.
  8. Crab cakes w/ lemon aioli.
  9. I was looking into getting my hands on a dungeness, but might get my hands on some lump meat instead. Haven't had crab cakes in too long. Thanks for the idea!
  10. Pizza. Buffalo Mozzarella.
  11. Very high oven temperatures. 850-1000+ degrees. Caputo Pizzeria 00 flour 1.8% Sourdough starter 62% hydration 2.8% salt 24 hour bulk fermentation + 15 hour balled at 60f
  12. Soup looks delicious. That reminds me to try making Tonkotsu ramen.
  13. Koshihikari short grain rice. I bought a 15lb bag a while ago. Always comes out delicious in my Zojirushi rice cooker.
  14. Black beans with chorizo and rice.
  15. I've been eyeing those Prime Rib Eye caps at Costco for a while now. I think I'll need to pull the trigger after your post.
  16. Pre-salted a chuck for 2 days. Pan seared. 48-50 hour @ 135 F. Mashed potatoes. Sauce made from beef stock, roux, sous vide bag drippings. Added sauted onions, carrots, and mushrooms. Photography skills need work.
  17. Thanks for advice. I think I'm going to separate the flat and the point. Put them on separate shelves, the point closer to the heating source. It's really a beautiful piece of meat. Lovely marbling. I hope I don't mess this up. I'll be sure to check the meat to make sure it's soft prior to pulling.
  18. Realizing now my smoker won't fit that brisket. Going to have to figure out a different way to cook it or break it.
  19. Wow. That looks pretty awesome. I have a Masterbuilt Electric smoker, so temperature control is very easy. Although obviously I'm sacrificing taste. Did you brine or rub it? Any days in the fridge? How did you like your internal temperatures (meat 204 & 187)? Was 204 the flat and 187 the point/deckle?
  20. Costco by me (San Diego) is selling whole (point and flat) PRIME briskets. I have a sous vide circulator, a smoker, and an oven. I don't know what to use. Anyone have a foolproof method nailed down? I was looking at the ChefSteps smokerless recipe: http://www.chefsteps.com/activities/smokerless-smoked-brisket Anyone try it? Looks a bit dry to me.
  21. I'm sure paper towels would be sufficient. Cheese cloth seems like a total waste.
  22. This is REALLY interesting if it works well. 1) Not having to buy an entire primal to dry age 2) Not having to wait 25+ days 3) The water weight loss has to be less, along with no wasted trimmings.
  23. Short rib pastrami. Adapted from Chef Steps. 7 day brine. 4 hour smoke around 140-150F. 52 hours/144F SV. Came out a bit dry. Might try a different meat next time. Not sure what went wrong.
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