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    Lunch 2020

    The one upside to having jury duty. There is no good Chinese food in my neighborhood (a lack of even any good American style Chinese) so going to Jamaica Queens gives me the chance to have some great Dan Dan noodles. Served with with fried vegetable dumplings. I may or may not have enjoyed these at a nearby bar where they could be chased with a double bourbon to ease the pain of the coming afternoon of boredom.
  2. tonyrocks922

    Dinner 2019

    Black Eyed Peas made with leftover Thanksgiving ham. Jiffy cornbread.
  3. tonyrocks922

    Dinner 2019

    Spaghetti Carbonara and Seafood Linguine from Piatto in Utrecht, NL
  4. tonyrocks922

    Dinner 2019

    Been lurking this thread catching up for a while. Some more notable dinners from the last few months: Prime rib from Prime and Provisions in Chicago Lamb shank with orzo from Ouzo Bay in Baltimore Snow crab legs boil and lobster boil from a restaurant I don't recall in Disney Springs, Florida. Duo of tartars from a random cafe in Bordeaux Dried sausage from Chez le Pépère in Bordeaux Cheese plate from L'After Work Beer Bar in Bordeaux
  5. tonyrocks922

    Dinner 2019

    Pan fried chicken breast with spicy BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes, steamed asparagus.
  6. tonyrocks922

    Dinner 2019

    I tried this today and the crust was kind of bland. Looking back other pizza dough recipes I've used have salt. Is salt missing from the ingredients intentionally?
  7. They key to a good FOF is to ask for it without cheese. Cheese doesn't belong with fish anyway imo and you get one freshly made with cooler tartar sauce.
  8. ORD - LGA Chicken arugula salad with strawberries and orange wedges.
  9. tonyrocks922

    Dinner 2019

    He's been doing that on egullet for years. I think he enjoys the attention of people wondering and speculating. I wish this forum has a feature to hide/ignore posts by user.
  10. I flew Singapore about two years ago and I'm struggling to remember the food but recall how comfortable the seat was for economy even though I was stuck in a middle seat for 13 hours. It was LHR-SIN after a sleepless red-eye on Virgin which was extremely uncomfortable despite having an empty seat next to me. After that the 19 inch wide seats on Singapore were a dream come true.
  11. It was but it was a 250 ml can instead of a standard 330. Gone too soon. The food was better than it looked. The chicken was described as "BBQ sauce chicken" but tasted like some kind of American Chinese food. The salad was actually very good. Fresh lettuce, some marinated eggplant in there, and the vinegarete was very good. The little box had very good cheese and crackers in it. All in all one of the better economy meals I've had. Better than recent ones on Delta, Virgin, Lufthansa, and Finnair. The absolute best I ever had was in First Class on Virgin. I have pics somewhere but will need to dig them up.
  12. The French 1664 beer is a pretty generic lager. Nothing special but tasty. I believe altbier refers to using an older brewing style and not aging the beer.
  13. tonyrocks922

    Breakfast 2019

    Stroopwaffel and espresso
  14. Some recent brews. A 1664 at a cafe in Paris, a Beck's and sausage break while biking along the Rhine, and an evening altbier in Dusseldorf.
  15. I think it was glass but after 2 beers in the terminal and a third pre-departure I can't say I was being that observant.
  16. Today's flight is too short for meal service so dinner is a Chick-fil-A spicy chicken sandwich packed in from the terminal with a Woodford Reserve on the rocks.
  17. I'm a big fan of Friendship's "pot style" cottage cheese. It's much thicker and dryer than most I can get. I eat it straight, sometimes with fruit, and sometimes with black pepper. I have mild lactose intolerance but find the cultured nature of cottage cheese, at least this brand, makes it not affect me.
  18. tonyrocks922

    Breakfast 2019

    My standard breakfast lately has been Greek yogurt and fruit. Today instead of having it at home I had it at an airport bar, where the plating is much worthier of sharing, though the fuit quality left something to be desired.
  19. Reuben on a Delta regional jet. Was surprisingly tasty. Served with a pickle, chips, and some kind of cream filled sandwich cookie. Woodford on the rocks to drink.
  20. Do you happen to have a recipe for kimchi cream?
  21. tonyrocks922

    Breakfast! 2018

    Hi HC, I know you've posted it before but search is failing me, can you share your fried zucchini recipe?
  22. With what we know now about Batali maybe he did know she was in there....
  23. I go with regular aluminum foil. Never have any issues with sticking. To reheat they go in the toaster oven for 5-6 minutes at 500.
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