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  1. tonyrocks922

    Breakfast! 2018

    Hi HC, I know you've posted it before but search is failing me, can you share your fried zucchini recipe?
  2. tonyrocks922

    Bathroom Parade, how to manage it?

    With what we know now about Batali maybe he did know she was in there....
  3. I go with regular aluminum foil. Never have any issues with sticking. To reheat they go in the toaster oven for 5-6 minutes at 500.
  4. We've used the Wine Diaper for years. The key with them is that they are not for protecting the bottle as much as they are for protecting the other contents of the suitcase. They offer minimal padding, but they are lined with super absorbent material that can quickly soak up the contents of any leaks or breaks. We put the bottle in a wine diaper, then wrap the whole thing with clothing or other padding material. We've never had a bottle break (probably 100 bottles of wine & liquor brought back to the U.S. in checked luggage with this method at this point) and the few times I've had seals/caps leak, the Wine Diaper absorbed everything and nothing in the luggage got wet or damaged.I use Wine Diapers several times a year and highly recommend them. The padding is sufficient to protect any bottle in my experience (though they're usually surrounded by clothing anyway) and the bag can absorb a full liter of liquid if there is a breakage or leak.
  5. The "also used in" line is a good indicator of a junk science article. Using that logic we should be concerned about water being in our food since water is also used in rat poison, concrete and nuclear weapons.
  6. tonyrocks922

    Burger King

    I would guess it's a cornstarch based coating. that's what's used on a lot of sweet potato fries to make them less limp
  7. tonyrocks922

    Gas Station Food

    Before I decided I didn't want to die at 35 I'd stock the car with 4 double whoopers from burger king (eat 2 at a time about 3 hours apart) along with several bags of M&Ms, coffee, and cold water. These days it's usually beef jerkey or peanuts, coffee and water
  8. tonyrocks922

    Salty Snacks

    peanuts are mine. there's a taiwanese food truck in nyc that sells peanuts mixed with dried anchovies. amazing.
  9. tonyrocks922

    Bathroom Parade, how to manage it?

    Where on earth do you live that browsers aren't welcome in stores? You have a pretty pathetic attitude and I'm sure it's come across to customers and potential customers and cost you more business than you realize.
  10. tonyrocks922

    Pink Slime

    One of the pink slime producers is declaring bankruptcy, and they blame the negative publicity: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-04-03/afa-foods-bankruptcy-sale-won-t-cover-debt-lawyer-says.html
  11. tonyrocks922

    Stuff That's Just Not Worth Making at Home

    I don't bother either because I'm not a huge ketchup fan, but real homemade ketchup is amazing, and easy.
  12. tonyrocks922

    Bathroom Parade, how to manage it?

    I'm in the "bathroom keys are gross" camp. I do not want to be carrying back and forth whatever doo-dad it's attached to that thousands of other people have brought into the bathroom. It's 2011, get a buzzer or a keypad if it's that big of a deal.
  13. tonyrocks922

    An Ode To Many A Restaurant Web Site

    Sorry if this link is a repost, but I've been checking out a lot of restaurant websites lately around NYC and I'm amazed what a mess restaurant websites are in general, compared to other businesses. How hard is it to have an address and phone number easy to find, not have sections "coming soon" for months, and realize that not a single person in the universe wants music to start playing when they just want to see a menu? My friend sent me this link and I thought I'd share it on here: http://neversaidaboutrestaurantwebsites.tumblr.com/
  14. tonyrocks922

    Heinz Revamps the Ketchup Packet

    Really? Have you ever used a ketchup packet? Ketchup is not viscous enough to work in a squeeze packet. It goes everywhere.
  15. Listing the best pizza as Connecticut = huge fail. I can't take the rest of the list seriously after seeing that.