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  1. Thank you for the help. 1:40 was perfect.
  2. I have an idea that requires using a quail's egg where the white is firm like a hard boiled egg but the yolk is basically completely raw/liquid. Does anyone have an idea of what times, temps and techniques are needed to achieve this? Thanks.
  3. Has anyone heard of these guys (Anova)? http://www.waterbath...CFedxOgodcGEAtQ I'd be curious to hear your thoughts - $299 looks poised to compete with the Nomiku and the new Polyscience.
  4. Beef Wellington is classic. I once worked at a restaurant where we poached a whole side of salmon, cooled it and then wrapped it in puff pastry "en croute," baked it, and then sliced it and served it with a cream sauce.
  5. demo5

    Fruit Glue?

    I was thinking about ravioli using pineapple as the dough.
  6. demo5

    Fruit Glue?

    Does anyone know of an enzyme akin to transglutimase that can bind fruit, such as pineapple? Thanks
  7. Thank you for the suggestions. I'll give them a try.
  8. Something along the lines of a sheet of a fresh-made lasagna sheet. Thanks
  9. I was thinking about pureeing cauliflower and then mixing it with a hydrocolloid of some sort to create a cauliflower sheet (or perhaps a carrot sheet or other vegetable). Does anyone have a thought as to what might be used to make this work? I don't want this to be like something gelatin-based with a ton of flexibility - I would like it to have more structure than that. Thanks.
  10. I'll clarify. It's a hotel, so obviously many people there don't live in NY. I meant they are not the tourists wandering in from the mall complex of the Time Warner Center.
  11. Not quite in the same league as PDT et al., but you can do the Mandarin Oriental. The drinks are still pretty good and the prices/location (at the top of the Time Warner) keep out a lot of the tourists.
  12. demo5

    Beef Carpaccio

    The Harry's Bar cookbook has the original recipe. This recipe looks right, except that you should add some ground white pepper to taste, as well. http://aww.ninemsn.com.au/food/freshtv/791358/beef-carpaccio-with-rocket-parmesan-and-harrys-bar-dressing
  13. demo5

    Espuma Question

    Great. Thank you.
  14. demo5

    Espuma Question

    I'm looking for help for a non-cream based espuma/foam. I want to make a citrus foam (lemon or lime, probably) and have it come out extremely light and airy for a scallop dish. Can anyone turn me on to the correct proportions for an ISI method? Thanks
  15. I am going to do a whole beef tenderloin for a Christmas party this weekend. Traditionally, I have marinated my tenderloin in a combination of soy, oil, sherry, oj and lots of raw garlic, then roasted it at 425 for 25 minutes. My question is how the raw garlic will affect cooking the tenderloin sous vide. While normally I would cut slits in the tenderloin and insert the garlic, I know that using raw garlic in sous vide cooking is a problem. However, if I just marinate the beef in the mixture with raw garlic and then remove it before cooking, will that work, or will the garlicky marinade be enough to destroy the beef in the sous vide cooking process? Thanks.
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