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  1. I really like Quay. After eating there last year I couldn't wait to get the book and flick through very often. I love Peter's use of custards. A huge inspiration in my cooking. As above, my only complaint is the silver writing that is hard to read on the small rice paper pages.
  2. Has anyone else that ordered back in October from Amazon.ca not had theirs sent yet?
  3. Chris, is this thread an attempt at putting off the inevitable purchase of a centrifuge? If so, just do it. Would save heating the cream to separate the oil.
  4. Sounds like you had a busy week Leslie. I enjoyed reading through it, good work.
  5. Taco Bell. I spent a bit of time in the US as a kid and had very fond memories of Taco Bell. Went back a few time in the last few years and was bitterly disappointed at how completely horrible it was. To think that I could have been eating some decent wholesome mexcal food. Blah.
  6. I got my copy this morning. It's a beautiful book. There is a picture for every dish and everything is very easy to read, from the intro right through to the glossary.
  7. What method did your sponge finger recipe use? Meringue with egg yolk folded followed by the dry ingredients? It look like it was over worked while folding in the flour, make sure you sift it in over three stages starting the next stage before the last is completely incorporated. Also, don't over fill your piping bag.
  8. I was interested when I first heard about it, now? Must have! It's a shame it's releasing when it is though, I'll be staging in Australia for a month and won't have money for a while.
  9. You will definitely be able to make pate with it but you might find that it is a little bitter (as with other large animals)
  10. We walked past here a few weeks ago to attend our reservation at Marque. It was interesting to see people lining up to get in.
  11. The professionalism of the front of house staff was far superior to any of the NZ restaurants I've visited. The food at Quay as the best looking presented food I've encountered and the Pork was one of the best things I've ever eaten anywhere. I'd say that if there was a big enough customer base in Auckland, both Meredith's and Sidart would be on par with Marque. As it stands they miss the little things like Petit four and optional extra courses. One thing that Sidart did have over both Quay and Marque was how almost every dish made me grin in delight. There was only one dish at Sidart that didn't hit the sweet spot and that was the blue cheese pre dessert which was a little too heavy to acheive that. I'd like to compare it to other restaurants around the world, but unfortunately my fine dining experience has been limited to NZ and now Sydney.
  12. My Wife and I had a great time in Sydney. Our first dinner was at The Bentley Bar. My wife had the Vegetarian Tasting menu, I had the one with meat. Her first course (smoked potato foam and other things) was the most memorable from her food. The dessert was stunning, some inventive technique being shown in the freestanding Mandarin custard with a liquid chocolate interior. Porkbelly coated in a milk gel, dehydrated mushrooms. Very exciting food. Lots of great tastes and great service. Best lemon/lime/bitter from the three restaurants we visited as well. (my wifes drink of choice) Quay was second, stunning view from the Rotunda. The first three courses were subtle. All very well cooked and presented, the vegetables with little goats cheese filled tuile sticks as great from these. The last three savoury courses were phenomenal. The pork especially has seared its place in my mind forever. The guava egg was incredible as well. Marque was our third dinner. In contrast with Quay, the first three were among the most impressive of the evening. The paddle crab with almond and corn was superb, as was the cured mackeral and smoked foie gras (omg, smoked foie gras) and the Scampi with cos lettuce. The duck and veal were both good, but much more simple than the other courses. The sauterne custard pre dessert was the silkiest egg custard that I have ever had. An optional cheese course was offered that featured Vacche Rosse Parmegiano and a truffle stock, it was very good. We also had a great pizza at Ventuno for one of our lunches, I would happily return for another if I find myself in Sydney again. I was impressed by the level of service given at all of the restaurants. Very knowledgeable staff, and wonderful food all around.
  13. Will be in Sydney next week. We have been planning this trip for the last 5 months so hopefully it will be an enjoyable trip. Our three dinners will be at The Bentley Bar, Quay and Marque. Hopefully we can try some quality, less expensive places for lunch/brunch.
  14. I have heard good things about Bosley's. I won't be visiting any time soon, but if I were to make my way down to Wellington, it would probably be first on my list.
  15. Shark/Lemon Fish is quiet good, but I usually avoid buying fish and chips and even then only buy fish from places I know and trust, which are few and far between.
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