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  1. Chez Flottes itself is't that bad. Aligote is always available, and included with the Confit de Canard. We tend to eat in the bar area, along with the locals. I never had a bad duck dish here; give it a try.
  2. Since no one has chimed in on Postale, I can give you some second-hand input. The restaurant is just a half block from one of my former clients. They were all foodies, and had mixed opinions of the place. Apparently the signature dishes are not available on the Menu, and if you order off the Carte the tab gets quite expensive, approaching 100 Euros, before wine etc. No one had negative comments about the food. Give it a try.
  3. Le Castiglione, a high-end Cafe, has great food, on St. Honore, and is open all day. Superb Dover sole, and a fine burger (tres expensive); just a few steps from the Ritz.
  4. Les Clos des Gourmets would be a good choice; the prix-fixe menu is reasonable, although supplements for the best dishes can add quite a bit to the final tab. M.E. had a "Best Ever" salmon dish here. They do try for several turns in the evening, so come early or late. Tables are nicely spaced, and the locals dress rather upscale.
  5. Here are some restaurants in the 7th where there is either controversy or lack of current reporting: Thoumieux (new owner, new chef), D'Chez Eux (new owners, same menu), Les Coteaux de Tannay (the old Maupertu space) and Leo Le Lion (we like it, others don't). Take some risk, it may pay off.
  6. Brasserie Julien has a wonderful ambiance; we stuck to dishes that had to be freshly prepared and enjoyed the evening. The walk to the nearest metro can be disconserting to some in the evening; if we went again (not hardly!), a taxi could work out better. For similar reasons we keep going back to Balzar; we enjoy seeing familiar faces and being seated with locals. The place fits us; good food is only a part of the Brasserie experience, IMHO.
  7. Michelin has an extended list of "Bib Gourmand" and other restaurants offering set menus for under 35E. I might quibble with a few of the choices, and there is quite a range in quality, depending on location primarily (rents etc). Only a few would be considered "destination" spots, but the list is long and offers many options for wherever you are staying.
  8. Goumard seems to be following the Constant example, lower prices and a more balanced (less emphasis on seafood) menu with greater focus on prix-fixe dining. This is excellent for those of us who are looking for weekend options. The new menu looks interesting. Goumard has never been popular with the internet/tourist crowd; hope this works for them.
  9. So far, my favorite Bresse chicken has been at Georges Blanc, but Ambroise was a close second. For much less $$$, if you get to Balzar early, for lunch or dinner, the Poulet Roti/Frites can be superb. But...they have been known to reheat certain dishes, and the Poulet Roti is one. May be worth a shot.
  10. In case Le Comptoir does not work out, Le Petit Zinc and Brasserie Balzar are nearby and serve all day. Decent food and service as well.
  11. We like Goumard, 9 rue Duphot, for a Sunday lunch. You can reserve at www.goumard.com, but I would give them a call to see how late they would seat you.
  12. Le Castiglione, 235 rue St. Honore, has a good cheeseburger "Facon Casti" for 21E. Locals tend to order it in the bar area.
  13. If this is to be a group of festive Americans, then scratch most of the small bistros; D'Chez Eux (traditional French fare) would work, as would Leo le Lion (seafood emphasis). Both are readily accessible by metro.
  14. Like John T, we tend to have our main meal at midday, so finding evening places for a light snack etc has proved somewhat difficult. We often eat at the bar at Le Castiglione, 235 St. Honore, Le Rubis is good for tradtional dishes that will take you back to post WWII days, and the bar at Meurice has a great turkey club sandwich at NYC prices. Cafe Constant is good for a salad and glass of wine. We haven't had a bad meal at any of the wine bars; but none of these are what we would call "destination" spots, except for Willy's perhaps. The new, upscale cafes don't have tiered pricing, so you don't have to sit or stand at the bar. But it can be fun to nosh at the bar, elbow-to-elbow with the regulars, enjoying the banter with the bar staff.
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