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  1. Thats really great advice, but do you know any other ways to be involved in food wriing, more specifically, to citique?
  2. What's amazing is grilled pizza. You streach the dough out then grill it for a few minutes on each side. Then you pull it off the grill, add all your desires topings (within limit, you can't le it get too heavy) and place it on the grill again for a few more minutes. It's relitivly quick to do, and gives a great spin on an old favorite.
  3. From a customer standpoint, the icing is still very generous.....it's just piled high rather than spread out. I was very happy with my cupcake. Its better to spread it all over beacuse then you don't have a tall peak thats to big to put your mouth around, and all parts of the cupcake are covered on the top. It always annoys me when the cupcake is to big to fit in your mouth.
  4. To help with the grittyness, sift it atleast 3 times to get everything out. And, have you tried the recipe again? Possibly in it resulting better?
  5. I think with you cardamom love, that you do have high tolerances. I think its also the difftent things your pallet enjoys. Some people like unique foods like cardamom, star anise, liquorice etc. Cardamom just appeals to you and your senses. Does that make sence?
  6. Anytime, tell me how it tastes!
  7. I find that with cardamum, you often need to use more then called for. Or, when you mix the cream/milk for the ice cream, let some crushed up cardamum pods soak in it for 24 hours. It will bring out the flavor tremendously. Then sprkinke some in the ice cream it tastes wonderful
  8. Also, if you didnt want or couldnt get mint leaves, you could always use mint extract.
  9. I have tried the same ice cream book, David Lebovitz's. Often i will make just the simple Philly vanilla and mix in flavors like crushed Oreos for cookies and cream, or choclate chip cookie dough, which i found to be a bit grainy. I will often make one of my favorites, the simple Philly vanilla and do the candied orange and lemon peel. Its absolutly amazing. Just make sure when you are cooking the sugar and the peels, that you have your thermometer on the right tempature the whole time. Otherwise the peels will develope not a smooth coating, but the sugar will clump and crystalize around it all. i have tried the wet walnut one, which mixes on walnuts and molassas. I would not reccomend it unless you personally know you like molassas. i thought i did, but turns out i dont...
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