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  1. mmmm... that mole was good! So was the posole! Actually everything I tasted last night was good, but the highlights for me were the mole and posole.

    We also split an order of lamb burria (sp?), chile rellenos, shrimp cocktail, and I also had a bite of empanada. The entrees came with rice and some w/ beans and 2 excellent corn tortillas. Prices are reasonable.

    Great to meet DRColby and and Mrs. DRColby, as well as Seagal, and see Laurel and Joe again.

    LEdlund, thank you so much for organizing and setting up the reservation. I'm sorry you and the others couldn't make it. You were all missed.

    Anyone who still hasn't been, I think we'd all give this place our thumbs up recommendation. I want to go back and try the tacos al pastor, too.

  2. We were there for dinner w/2 other couples on Valentine's Day. The food was wonderful, hubby and I shared their Valentine special NY Steak for 2 w/ Port Wine Sauce & Mushrooms and Tallegio Scalloped Potatoes. We started off with their charcuterie plate, I love their rillettes and country pate. Ended with their cheese plate which was great. They include an amuse bouche and a small after dinner chocolate treat. Their signature Roast Chicken is always good, too. Prices are reasonable. It can get a little noisy when it gets crowded, though.

    You really need to go! It's a favorite of this board.

  3. lxt, wonderfully written review!

    I would have loved to have been there with you experiencing your revolutionary slow poached egg dish!

    You captured the entire evening and all dishes with remarkable & eloquent detail. Now if only I could get to NYC...

  4. ...I'm by no means a mole expert, but I've tried the mole sauce a half dozen times or so at Burrito Loco in Crown Hill and I think it's pretty damn good (and the ceviche is really, truly excellent).

    We don't post much about this place, but I really like the food and the attitude in that restaurant.

    It's at 9211 Holman Road. There's also an outlet in U Village, but I've only eaten there once or twice.

    oh the memories...

    It was Exactly 2 years ago (Feb 11) we had our 2nd PNW eG dinner held at none other than Burrito Loco on Holman Road... girlchow organized the event, but unfortunately was ill and couldn't make it. It was mamster, laurie, me, hubby, col klink and batgirrrl.

    Ledlund, I would love to meet you at La Carte de Oaxca anytime . Anyone else game? I would love a good mole.

  5. I had lunch at Mary McCranks last summer as part of a group family reunion. It's a cute place, country setting, and features made from scratch comfort food. In other words, not cutting edge cuisine, but satisfying for what it is (and was a perfect setting for several great aunts in attendance).

    I ordered Chicken and Dumplings, something I never make, but would like to have someone make 'homemade' for me. It was ok, satisfying, but not very remarkable, and didn't taste as good as my aunts homemade Chicken and Dumplings. I appreciated the place for it's historical and pretty setting, and the company I was in, over the food.

  6. Hope that your next experience will be more enjoyable.

    Irwin :wink:

    I hope I didn't give the impression that I didn't like my lunch at Doong Kong Lau, because overall I enjoyed it, including the leftovers (I ordered too much food on purpose, so I could take some home). When I go back, I will go for dinner and I look forward to ordering the pork belly w/pickled veggies and other items you have suggested to try as well. Thanks, Irwin for the details and background info you have given regarding Hakka food! :smile:

  7. Buenos Aires Grill?

    2nd and Virginia - replaced Poor Italian Cafe.

    thanks tsquare!

    Enjoyed a meal at Buenos Aires Grill over the Christmas holidays. Two of our party of 6 ordered the signature table top grill parillada mixta... an assortment of grilled sausages and meats (all you can eat for a low price of around $19 pp). I ordered an inexpensive hanger steak that was a bit sinewy and chewy, but a huge hunk of meat for the price (enough to take some home) and the flavor was pretty good. All served with chimchurri sauce and another salsa type sauce. The fries were not too good (kind of limp), and the bread was unremarkable but redeemed by dipping in the garlicky chimchurri.

    The real draw here though is their professional tango dancers/couple who danced around our table and even up on the bar. They were dramatic, entertaining, and much fun to watch while enjoying our dinner. The scene is lively, noisy, hip and fun. The owner stopped by our table to check on us, and spent time chatting with us. I think the tango dancers are only there on the weekends, and reservations are a must. Even with reservations, we had to wait about 20 minutes for a table to open up.

  8. Delayed report on Doong Kong Lau Hakka cuisine lunch...

    The Salt Baked chicken was wonderful! Very moist and flavorful (not overly salty as the name would suggest). Only fault on this dish is the skin is not crispy, but not a fatal flaw. I enjoyed & would order it again.

    The Hakka Stuffed Tofu was good, too. Cubes of tofu are stuffed in the middle with a small mound of ground pork and fried. I would recommend this in the Sizzling Platter catagory as opposed to lunch deal for reasons noted later.

    The Hakka style Crispy Duck which I ordered as a side dish, wasn't particularly crispy, but leftovers crisped up beautifully in the oven. The flavor was good.

    The hot and sour soup was good, as was a single piece of crispy fried chicken wing which accompanied my lunch special. (chix wings could become addictive, really).

    First thing I noticed upon entering the restaurant was the fragrant scent of five spice and it seemed to be a flavor component of several of their dishes. I love five spice, so that made me a happy camper, however some diners who are not enamored with it might not enjoy.

    I recommend avoiding their lunch specials and just ordering ala carte dishes. The lunch specials, although a good value, came with a gloppy sauce that, while tasting ok, it was too much & covered not only the sauteed bok choy but mostly everything else, and would have been better served on the side.

    edit to add: Irwin, unfortunately I didn't see your post before I went, but I would have liked to. I didn't see pork belly on the menu. Is it an off menu item?

  9. elyse ... you are amazing :cool: .

    Congratulations to you & Burger Club. Neil Cavuto, whew! What's next??? Wall street is knocking on your door! Don't forget to tell them about your pies, too, which I've only read great reviews about.

  10. If your interested in trying "Hakka Food" then i'd recommend "Dong Kong Lau Hakka Restaurant" located at 9710 Aurora Ave North. They serve very good Seafood, Regular and Hakka selections plus interesting varieties of Dum Sum for lunch with a larger variety on weekends.

    Irwin :unsure:

    What a coincidence, I'm going to Doong Kong Lau for lunch with a girlfriend today! The one time I ate there I enjoyed it (about a year ago), and this time want to try some of their Hakka specialties. Their Hakka style crispy Duck sounds very good, as does the Stuffed Tofu on a Sizzling Platter, and Salt Baked Prawns and Salt Bake Chicken. I'll report back.

  11. They have been available at several stores here in Seattle including QFC, where I usually avoid all produce, and they are my new very favorite. Unlike many Washington apples, they have a tender skin and crisp flesh. I was told they were an accidental midwest hybrid whose discoverer sent them to a Washington orchardist thinking they would grow well here. At first, they only seemed to be available in huge or huger (large enough to share between 3 people), although the last two times  I found them at Whole Foods, they were the size of an average Eastern Macintosh. Their very short season is just about over. Any we see now will likely have been stored.

    heyjude, thx for turning me onto the honeycrisp back in September. :wub:

    They have become my favorite apple now. The first ones we bought were really huge. They were about $2.49-$3/lb. Hubby complained because 2 apples came to $4. Yikes! (not used to paying that much for 2 apples). But then like you said, later on in the season, we also found some that were not so large, and the price came down. Very crisp, clean and sweet with a hint of tartness, just as I like. We bought ours at Admiral Thriftway (now known as Metropolitan Market) in W. Seattle. PCC also carried them. This was the first year I had ever seen or heard about them.

  12. Hubby and I had a fantastic meal at Harvest Vine today (Saturday). We arrived just after 4pm for an early bite and to get a seat at the bar, but we actually could have gotten there anytime before 5:30PM and been ok. But by 6pm all of a sudden the restaurant was completely full and there was a line.

    I loved this meal and can't wait to go back. This is what we had...

    Rillete of rabbit w/ black mission figs

    This was good, but the least adored dish of the night. Served with thinly sliced grilled bread and fanned slices of black mission figs on the side, the rilletes were fine, but a little bland and not nearly as good as the more flavorful and delicous rabbit pate we recently had at Le Gourmand. In retrospect I should have asked for a sprinkle of coarse salt on top which might have brought the flavor out a bit more for me.

    Pimento de Piquillo Relleno de Brandada

    One of their signature dishes, a pair of piquillo peppers filled with a mousse of potatoes and salt cod, and served with a yummy red sauce. I already have a reserve at the library for the cookbook that one of our PNW members recommended which contains a version of this recipe. I can't wait to try it at home. This was the one dish I absolutely wanted to try after hearing my step mom describe a similar dish she sampled in Spain last year and she served me a variation of at home. Hubby and I loved this dish very much. The flavors all came together wonderfully, the sweetness of the red peppers with the creaminess of the potato and then then ending with the flavor of the fish on the tongue. Yum. We also enjoyed mopping up every drop of the sauce with our bread.

    Pan Seared Onion-Blood Sausage w/ Piquillo Pepper

    Since I am planning to head to The Spanish Table to pick up some cans/jars of Piquillo peppers (to make the stuffed peppers) I was anxious to try another dish with these yummy peppers. The fellow sitting next to me had recommended this blood sausage dish as well. Hubby and I both thought it was a great dish, and much different than the blood sausage hubby has had growing up in Switzerland. It was sliced into pieces before searing and had a very firm texture. It was almost charred on the edges, but not burnt, and delicious with the piquillo pepper.

    Grilled Venison over Oyster Mushrooms

    This dish surpised me (in a positive way). Hubby ordered it and I, not being a venison fan, was expecting dry overcooked venison (like stew meat). Wrong!! These 3 large medallions were the most succulent, juicy, Med-Rare deliciously seasoned pieces of red meat you could imagine. I could not even believe I was eating venison it was so good. I have also never tasted Oyster Mushrooms prepared as good as these were. A great dish.

    Pan Seared Duck Liver with Carmelized Pumpkin

    The best dish of the night. Thank you to those who have recommended this dish on eG, as this was my other must have dish due to the great recs. You were right... this stuff is fantastic. The carmelized pumpkin was a surprise. It is not your orange squashy tasting pumpkin, but rather thinly sliced, very firm almost crunchy fanned pieces of purple pumpkin flesh (I asked if it was beet and it was confirmed that it was indeed pumpkin). The carmelization flavor hinted of maple syrup, but anyway, a sliver of that on top of a piece of bread and topped with the warm seared fois and it was sheer heaven. Hubby also loved this dish best, too.

    We drank a bottle of Spanish red wine (don't remember the name, but it was medium-full bodied and recommended by the waitress and very good).

    The price for the 5 dishes including the $29 bottle of wine and tax (before tip) came to $93.18 for the 2 of us.

    edit: As a footnote I should say that service was exemplary, however we also experienced a delay as Shielke mentioned in his first post, about getting out of there. When she asked if we would like dessert and we said no thank you as we were full, and had finished our wine, I thought that was the cue for her to bring us the bill. No. It didn't come. After at least 15 min and still no bill, we made a point then to ask for it, at which time it came and we were able to pay and leave. I think perhaps they are just not wanting to appear to be rude by bringing the bill before you actually ask for it and don't pick up on cues that you are ready to leave so in this case you must be straightforward that you are ready to leave!

  13. Fried Green Tomatoes

    4 large green tomatoes

    1 C cornmeal

    1 C all-purpose flour

    1 T garlic powder

    pinch cayenne

    1 1/2 C buttermilk

    S&P to taste

    1/2 C vegetable oil

    1 T butter

    hot sauces like Tabasco, etc., and lemon wedges to garnish

    I slice them thick - at least 1/2" or more - and lay them out on a paper towel for a couple of minutes.  Not long - just long enough to draw out a little of the water.  But since they're green, they don't really have all that much.

    Get a big bowl and put the buttermilk into it.  Add S&P and stir to mix.  I usually just drop all the tomato slices into the buttermilk.

    In a separate shallow bowl, combine all dry ingredients.

    In large skillet, combine oil and butter.  Heat until a small bit of flour dropped into skillet sizzles.

    One by one, take tomato slices from buttermilk, dredge well with flours and place into hot skillet.  Do not crowd your slices - give them plenty of space.

    When tomatoes are golden brown on one side, flip and brown other side.

    Drain on paper towels and serve hot with hot sauces and lemon wedges.

    I made a version of Jaymes recipe tonight for fried green tomatoes, and hubby and I agreed they were the best ones I ever made.

    As per Jaymes recipe I blotted them and then dipped them in buttermilk w/s&p, and then coated them in 1/2 corn flour (I was out of corn meal) and 1/2 all-purpose flour seasoned with garlic powder & cayenne pepper. Then fried em up like Jaymes said. Afterwards I squeezed fresh lime juice over them (didn't have lemon), and ate them with cocktail sauce! They were so yummy! My slices were about 3/8" thick. I forgot all about the hot sauce, so I will have to make them again soon. :rolleyes:

  14. Congratulations Ben and Katie, you 2 cuties! Have you set the date yet?

    Today as I was walking along the shores of Lake Union (eastlake, by Chandlers Crab House, etc.), a bit north of there, there was a large area with a huge white tent over it, next to the shoreline, with a very large deck area just outside of the tented area next to the lake... and I was telling hubby how perfect it would be for a wedding & reception. But of course I don't know about the catering situation at all, or what that space is even for. But it was a beautiful spot...

  15. I ordered some take out salt and pepper shrimp from Viet Wah Superfoods on MLK Way a couple of months that were just awful. Hopefully it was just an off day, but they tasted like they were serving expired shrimps, as well as kind of mushy, too. I really want to like Viet Wah Superfoods, too, as I am a customer of their Jackson St. location. The MLK Way location is much cleaner, larger and spiffier though, I think.

    Sweet Willie, thanks for posting about the duck & chicken, and I'm going to try their duck the next time. I'm a sucker for bbq duck.

  16. The world needs more taco wagons.

    I spotted a taco bus over the weekend in Seattle on Beacon Hill at the corner of Beacon Ave. and Stevens. It was called something like Primo's Taqueria. It may be the same bus that used to be located on Rainier Ave. near the Super Viet Wah store, but is no longer on Rainier according to hubby. I would have stopped for tacos but had just had a big lunch down the street on Beacon Ave. at Kusina Filipina.

  17. I also took pictures before and after grilling and will try to post.

    that would be awesome blue. i was so wrapped up in cooking these things just right, i couldn't be bothered with a camera. my 10 oz strips turned out perfectly r-m/r. i grilled them. they could have used a *bit* more crust, but the grill just can't do that in 2 minutes on each side.

    good stuff.

    The pictures don't do my steak justice. It tasted even much better than these pictures reflect. Mine was a 12 oz boneless NY Strip steak. I just plopped it over a hot grill and cooked it just over 3 minutes each side, and it was cooked rare. Sprinkled with coarse salt and pepper. Delicious. I shared it with my husband and it was a good amount for the 2 of us, served with grilled corn on the cob, salad and potatoes.



  18. I also took advantage of the Lobels offer. Many thanks to mamster, the PNWers, melkor and tommy, FG, for either turning me onto this or helping me to prepare it properly. I was glad to read that the other strip steaks came with a thin strip of fat and what to do about it so that I knew it wasnt just mine!

    My boneless 12 oz. Lobel NY strip steak was the best steak I think I have ever eaten in my life (for $1.63 incl shipping to Seattle). I grilled it to what I thought would be MR, but because the steak was so thick it actually turned out rare inside. But it was a blessing in disguise as rare was absolutely perfect for both my hubby and myself. We both declared it the best darn steak we've ever eaten. I'm hooked. This is the good life.

    I also took pictures before and after grilling and will try to post.

  19. I love that this restaurant generates so much controversy.

    This is my major complaint about Seattle restaurants... inconsistancy. I absolutely hate that. I had a great meal at le Gourmand a couple of weeks ago, but a certain couple I know said their meal there on another night fell short. And one can go down the line with almost every restaurant in Seattle (ie Tom Douglas's 3 places, and so on)...and it's the same sad story over and over... inconsistancy, or great one night and mediocre another.

  20. There  a Thai resturant just north of the airport in an old A&W  building, it is on a corner (about 148th) on the west side and is quite good.  Rumor has it that this was a resturant started by Thai Airways in a motel across the street to fed its flight crews back in the '70s.

    If you want to travel further there is a good dim sum/fish resturant in the Great Wall shopping center at East Valley and about 180th.

    In des Moines and often over looked place is Wally's Fish and Chips which is priced reasonanly and has great fried fat (French fries and cod) and does a good job on salmon.


    The Thai place in question is Bai Tong, very good by all accounts although its been a long time since I've been there.

    I had dinner at Bai Tong on Sunday. I wasn't sure what to expect as I had heard mixed reveiws, but my friend and I were really happy with our dinner.

    I can recommend the Satay (6 skewers of chicken served with peanut sauce & cucumber salad), Gai Hor Bai Toey (aprox. 6 or 7 chicken pieces of boneless thighs I think) that tasted similar to teriyake, however the chicken is cutely wrapped, cooked and presented in toey (herb) leaf which also imparts a subtle flavor and served with dipping sauce, Squid Salad (spicy squid mixed w/ lemon grass, spices, mint leaves, chili and lime juice)... great, but ask for lime wedges on the side, as it needed a little extra fresh lime juice in it, Phad Ka Prau Pork (stir fry pork w/ basil leaves)... this was an ordinary but tasty dish that I would choose something else maybe next time. We were recommended to try their Pan Fried Whole Fish with hot and spicy sauce but with just the 2 of us we decided against it. I would try it next time.

    For all 4 dishes plus a bottle of their most expensive white wine (which was good) the bill came to only $57 before tip, a real bargain. It's located at 15859 Pacific Highway So, at the corner of 160th and Hwy 99 right on the main drag. It was half full when we got there and packed when we left. tel. 206-431-0893. There is also a Bai Tong II at the Red Lion Inn. I asked the waiter about it, and he said the manager of of the original Bai Tong has opened a location there. It is not recommended to be as good though.

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