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  1. Ignore the blogger, whatever. It's still a horrible way for these chefs to act. These guys are celebrities in this industry and running their mouths like that where anyone can see is disgusting. It's not the way you run a business and it's a very immature way for grown men to act.

    P.S. I've been to Hibiscus, it really wasn't very good. Mr Isherwood's gave a better review than I would have.

  2. Gee's is nothing special. A nice location but for the price the food isn't great. It's one of the better restaurants in Oxford though.

    Luna Caprese is worth a look, a great little Italian trattoria style place. Not many know about it.

    Brasserie Blanc and Jamies Italian i'd say are the best chain restaurants in Oxford.

    If you want to leave the city centre I can give some good recommendations!

  3. Its cultural.

    In many places, such as China and some places in UK a tip is considered an insult, an attempt to bribe to gain unfair advantage and a slur on the establishments hospitality and staff.

    In the US you just accept the price of the meal is 25% more than the menu and adverts say.

    No where I know of in the UK is tipping considered an insult. There is however a different mentality to tipping here.

  4. To be a development chef or something similar your best bet would be to go through professional kitchens as normal, make your mark and move from there. One of my housemates is a development chef for a 2 Michelin star chef here and that was his route and the route of others I know too. Difficult otherwise to show you have the talent and skill to create in a way that's useful in a professional kitchen.

  5. Well, me and mine are used to it (my father is a professional chef and he's the one who taught me the how and why of visiting the kitchen when something goes wrong with the meal) so there's no mortification there, but I have embarassed friends.

    If your father is a professional chef he should know better.

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