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  1. Outside of La Alqueria - which is not in Madrid, I still to this day think and dream about my meal at Diverxo. It was truly sometjhing different and unforgettable.
  2. Amen brother - you hit all the nails on the head - simply put Schwa marches to the beat of their own drum and its a beat like no other. They are in a league of their own and if you are fortunate enough to get a reservation and can get past being concerned that it may get canceled - go for its an experience like no other - and this comes from someone who comes from NY to eat there! The place rocks........
  3. I see this post has been long dead but I was wondering if anyone has eaten at Clio lately and if so how is it holding up? I am from out of town and have a reservation Saturday night - any info would be much appreciated - thanks - Jay
  4. I think Schwa in Chicago should be included on this list as well...
  5. It has been a few months since I last called but if I am not mistaken I believe the voice mail message explains the process to a degree. I don't know - for me based on the size of the place, the message on the voice mail and what others have reported (the chef included) I guess I always figured if there was no call back than they are booked for the month. I have read many instances (and it has happened to me before) where they have indeed called back when they do have a spot opened. I understand what you are saying but at the end of the day the food and more importantly the experience when I am there far out way the trouble of calling until I get someone or not getting a call back.
  6. Normally I would just smile and read a thread like this but I feel I gotta chime in here simply because I love, love, love this restaurant. Seriously Schwa is worth whatever perceived slight or rudeness you think you have been subjected to. I fly in from NY to eat there (also to see friends) and no, its not easy (last time in August took 101 calls before someone answered and I could book - but that being said its easier than Per Se or Momofuko Ko - good luck with Ko) but it is so well worth it. You could not find a nicer, more generous group of people (the whole crew - not just Chef Carlson) at any restaurant anywhere. With the food they are serving and the prices they charge (its literally given away sometimes) it is no wonder that they don't have a budget for someone to answer their phones all day. I think the reason that you are not going to get a call back if you don't land a table is that you have to keep in mind - they have 26 seating's a night - if you get them live you will get a table if not keep trying or move on - I don't see the need for a call back simply to tell me I didn't get a table -- it would seem pretty obvious. To use the words "mistreat a customer" or "abused"!! is absurd -- simply because you cant get through or are not willing to play by their rules is far from being mistreated. Agreed that "The way I see it, everyone is entitled to go wherever they want, and to avoid whatever places they want, for whatever reasons they deem appropriate" but in regards to Schwa, it may not be for you (the collective you - no one person in particular on this thread) even if you were able to get a reservation because nothing else about the experience is traditional or even normal. I agree with KD1191 -- more mind blowing courses for me as well and really hope they get more than one Micheline star in a few weeks when the book comes out as they truly deserve it.
  7. Not a steakhouse but a great steak and good ambiance in a great neighborhood - Minetta Tavern's bone-in NY Strip...its very good. good luck on a decent reservation but worth a shot.
  8. Wow - thats a big statement! Really looking forward to my meal Saturday night after loving every bit of my last meal at EMP...
  9. No worries - thanks for all the other info. If we keep the reservation for Saturday night I will post some details as well.
  10. Great write up Edo - thanks...one question - did they have offer a tasting menu? and if so did you get a look at it? thanks - jay
  11. I have a reservation for October 2nd. I inquired about a tasting menu and there is one although the lady who took the reservation wasn't entirely certain on the price (she thought $125.00). I asked about a wine pairing and she wasn't sure at all on that. There is also an a la carte menu and the dress code is "casual elegance" -- I asked for a more pointed description and slacks and a button down are fine -- some guests who are taking in a show will be dressed fancier (jackets, ties - suits I am sure) she said. If anyone goes before Oct. 2nd please post - I will after I go (not 100% if I am keeping the reservation yet -- I don't doubt it will be fantastic but it is only week 2 at that point - we'll see...
  12. A Thousand Thanks Rogelio - very much appreciated and looking forward to visiting your city and trying out all the great food! Will report when we get back. Thanks - Jason
  13. As for wines to go with your dinner at Schwa I would hit up Lush at 2232 W Roscoe St, Chicago, IL. they have other locations - I have only been to that location but they have 2 others. The girls there were super knowledgeable and one of them has a boyfriend who is friends with Chef Carlson. A little pricey but well worth it. Jason
  14. Hey Rogelio - I got it! I am very excited - nailed a Saturday night reservation for Diverxo -- What is the dress code for Diverxo?? ok so - our lineup of "big" dinners are as follows: Saturday - Diverxo, Wednesday - La Alqueria, Friday - Sergi Arola Gastro. what are your thoughts? should something be substituted for something else - perhaps - Restaurant La Terraza - i have read great things about it..and any suggestions you have outside of "big" dinners would be great...Thanks again - Jason
  15. Thanks again - i am going to try my best to nail a reservation -- i need to get up at 3am NY time to try but i will give it a go...again thank you and will let you know if i get one...any other ideas you may have i am open to...Jason
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