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  1. Yes indeed - got that wrong. The booking line opens in December, and the restaurant opens at the end of January.
  2. Couldn't find an existing topic for this - so thought I'd add one. The restaurant is still due to open in December - and we had a chance to chat to both Heston and head chef Ashley Palmer Watts last week, both of who were very nice indeed and happy to answer questions about it. We put together a quick interview with Ashley here: http://www.hot-dinners.com/Features/Articles/preparing-dinner-by-heston-blumenthal-an-exclusive-interview-with-ashley-palmer-watts-mandarin-oriental Surely the biggest restaurant opening in London this year? And I am keen to know what the "old favourites" are that are coming to the menu.
  3. We talked to Anthony Demetre this week and found out a little bit more: http://www.hot-dinners.com/Features/Interviews/anthony-demetre-on-arbutus-wild-honey-and-the-opening-of-les-deux-salons
  4. Went to the Hidden Tea room last week - great fun, and was much more interested in that concept than usual restaurant pop-ups, to be honest.
  5. I couldn't actually see a topic on this one - so thought I might as well add one. As many of you may know, Daniel Boulud has been over to promote his new Bar Boulud at the Mandarin Oriental. We caught up with him for a chinwag and here's the result: http://www.hot-dinners.com/Features/Articles/talking-to-daniel-boulud-new-yorks-greatest-chef-comes-to-london Some interesting stuff, I thought, particularly his reaction to Michelin stars and how it can help with tourists (I've been gauging a restaurant by that myself once or twice in NYC), as well as some details about the opening (Chef, food etc) and the possibility of him bringing his After Hours programme to the UK. Haven't been to Bar Boulud in the US, or Daniel, but have been meaning to try. Anyone been who can give impressions?
  6. Breaking news from Madrid Fusion where Ferran Adria has been speaking today. He's just confirmed that El Bulli will not be opening in 2012 and 2013 http://www.hot-dinners.com/Gastroblog/Latest/ferran-adria-confirms-el-bullis-closure-for-two-years
  7. Here's our full list of all the changes in London: http://www.hot-dinners.com/Gastroblog/Latest/michelin-2010-uk-guide-stars-leaked-again And a full revised list and details of all the restaurants with stars in London: http://www.hot-dinners.com/restaurants/search-results?jr_michelin=1star_2stars_3stars&order=rjr_michelin&query=all Quite surprised that Corrigan missed out, myself.
  8. Just in case anyone hadn't seen it - Boulud is coming to the UK: http://www.hot-dinners.com/Gastroblog/Latest/mandarin-oriental-london-confirms-daniel-boulud I've always wanted to try Daniel or Bar Boulud in the States - but have never managed to fit it in. So has anyone been? What can we expect fo the UK?
  9. So Caterer's search got a denial that Loubet's opening a restaurant at the Zetter - but a recent exchange on twitter would seem to suggest that the Times got the story right: http://www.hot-dinners.com/Gastroblog/Latest/bruno-loubet-opening-zetter-hotel So... are there any insiders on the board who can shed some more light on this?
  10. We managed to catch up with Sat at the restaurant show - he's not all that fond of London restaurants, but he did like Murano... http://www.hot-dinners.com/Features/Articles/interview-sat-bains
  11. Hi - we managed to catch up with Trevor Gulliver to find out more about the St John Hotel that's going to open in Soho (taking over Manzi's slot) - so I thought it was worth starting a new thread about it (hope that's OK?). It will, most importantly, feature a new St John Restaurant in the heart of Soho, and evolving the St John format again, as Bread and Wine did with the original St John. Will almost certainly be the most exciting Soho restaurant opening since the very well recieved Hix. Very long opening hours mean that there's much more chance in easily getting a table too. Loads more details here: http://www.hot-dinners.com/Gastroblog/Latest/trevor-gulliver-new-st-john-hotel-london
  12. We went on Friday and posted out thoughts here: http://www.hot-dinners.com/Features/Articles/pierre-koffmans-selfridges-pop-up-restaurant-launches - and you can check out our Twitter page for some pics of the food too. I thought the food was amazing, with the fois gras starter being a particular winner for me. I did ask if we could keep the menu, but they're only giving them away after the event finishes. We were the very first to arrive so had a great chance to look around the place and have a nice chat with Pierre's partner who seemed amazingly calm about the whole thing! Oh, and the £75 menu's the only option I'm afraid. Given the nature of the kitchen, they're just not set up for anything veering away from that.
  13. In today's Restaurant Show in London, Adria hinted that in the future El Bulli may well open for fewer months per year, so getting a reservations's only going to get harder...: http://www.hot-dinners.com/Gastroblog/Latest/ferran-adria-table-reservations-el-bulli
  14. So, has anyone been? I went on Friday for lunch and loved it - one of the best dining experiences this year for me. The whole thing just felt like a very special occasion and, you could feel a sense of excitement from both the diners and the staff on hand. I'd also definitely suggest going for Lunch, just so that you can see the view, and I think it's still possible to book for lunch. Highly recommended.
  15. Damn - if I'd read that last week, we would have asked him. We just did an interview with him and completley forgot to ask him anything about Michelin stars. Still, he didn't mention anything else about bringing back another chef and it would seem that it's important to him to give credit where credit's due: http://www.hot-dinners.com/Features/Articles/marcus-wareing-interview-the-ambitious-man
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