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  1. White eggplants are used the same way as purple eggplants. I had lunch recently at Thai Elephant in Millburn, NJ and they served these tiny greenish eggplants the size of an egg. Never saw that before. ----- Rosie eGullet.com Community Coordinator, New Jersey
  2. I love eggplant and read in the paper today that the demand for it is higher than ever. How do you cook eggplant? Do you have any good recipes to share with us? The easiest is to cut it in half, score it, brush with oil, sprinkle with herbs and grill it. I also bake a whole eggplant and once it is done I take off the skin, let it drain, mash it and then mix it with mayonnaise and fresh chopped garlic for a great dip. ----- Rosie eGullet.com Community Coordinator, New Jersey
  3. We are going during the week. We have always found Relais & Chateaux properties to be very special and worth every single penny that we have to roll up!!! ----- Rosie
  4. We found The French Laundry to be fascinating and some of his dishes--like the oysters and pearls and the rabbit-- were fabulous. But I also probably expected to be completely blown away and I wasn't. I also found that he used too much butter. The service was outstanding and we had a tour of the kitchen afterwards. Did you stay at the Inn at Little Washington? We were planning on staying one night and someplace else another night. Did you eat anyplace else there? ----- Rosie
  5. Doc Pete, Have you been to The French Laundry? I'd be interested in your opinion of that restaurant. Also, at The Inn at Little Washington did you have a fixed price dinner? Thanks. ----- Rosie
  6. Has anyone been here? What should I expect? ----- Rosie
  7. Rosie x

    New Jersey Wine

    Thanks Preet. I knew I could count on you to link for me. ;} You are officially the "linker" from now on! ----- Rosie eGullet.com Community Coordinator, New Jersey
  8. Rosie x

    New Jersey Wine

    Are you still laughing? Well, the NY Times has an article today about NJ wines and although they don't get any respect there are now 17 wineries in NJ. To quote..."some of which produce award winning vintages that can proudly stand up to Sonoma Valley's finest. Have you tasted NJ wines? I did once years ago and thought they were awful. BTW--I was not sure if I should put this post on NJ, Media or Wines. ----- Rosie eGullet.com Community Coordinator, New Jersey
  9. Rosie x


    Which corkscrew to use won't be a problem if they start using more screwtops. What do you think? Would you prefer screwtops? Also, we always keep a corkscrew in our winebag in case the waiter doesn't get to our table soon enough to open our bottle of wine. ----- Rosie eGullet.com Community Coordinator, New Jersey
  10. I always found the food at Iberia to be too salty. For Spanish we love Spanish Sangria on Magazine Street. It's off the beaten path. For Central Jersey--and I consider that the New Brunswick area we like LouCa's in Edison (BYO), Panico's in New Brunswick (upscale Italian) Soho on George ( we were just there and it was fantastic) and Frog and The Peach. Have you been to Restaurant Nicholas? Devine. We also love Moonstruck in Ocean Grove (BYO). And for a real treat go to Homestead Inn in Trenton. It is an old house that you wouldn't go into unless someone told you about it. No prices, no menu, no wine list. Don't worry. You will be impressed. ----- Rosie eGullet.com Community Coordinator, New Jersey (Edited by Rosie x at 6:03 am on Aug. 5, 2001)
  11. If you liked Hunan Cottage you should also try Noodle ChuRt. 46 Parsippany 973-299-6518 It is in a shopping center. Call for directions. ----- Rosie
  12. Jason--You ordered large portions??? Aren't you suppose to do that so you can have something to eat for breakfast the next day! (BG) ----- Rosie
  13. Rosie x

    NJ Hot Dogs

    Rut's Hut has deep fried hot dogs. People also love the hotdogs at Syd's in Millburn. ----- Rosie
  14. Tangerine was fabulous. Brasserie Pierre was ok. Be sure to walk thru Reading Market. ----- Rosie
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