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  1. It's done. There's a for sale sign out front.
  2. No loss if it's true. the owners were arrogant the place was too noisy and the food was pricey.
  3. alembic54


    Thanks Curlz! ← Great meal...very impressed. I had the beet salad and the duck breast. Everyone else had fish....the escolar and the ahi. Curlz...I winged it and their stemware was fine. Brought a 2007 Stadt Krems Gruner Veltliner and a 2008 St. Urbanshof Okfener Bockstein Riesling Kabinett. Both matched really well with the food. The service was excellent........very professional and attentive without being obtrusive. I can't wait to try Next Door!
  4. alembic54


    Going to Blu tonite for the first time for my birthday. Do they have decent stemware? I will be bringing some incredible wine and just wonder if I should bring my Riedels.
  5. When I drove up Route 10 the other day I saw a sign in the window of Saigon House...Thai Restaurant coming soon. Too bad. I liked Saigon House. Huge Bahn Mi for 4 bucks. Great food.
  6. Hello: Ricci's Goodbye: Lulu's Lulus went oob a while ago. It's been ricci's for a few months I think.
  7. sorry for the double post!
  8. Has anyone been to the new DeLorenzo's in Robbinsville yet? Jeff
  9. Seymour's is on it's 3rd incarnation. Originally owned by Seymour (Schramm I think his last name is); Lou Bucca bought it from Seymour. Lou owned it for years and sold it to a guy named Gary a year or 2 ago (Don't know his last name) He previously was a counterman at Livingston Bagel for 15 years. Gary has introduced some new menu items. But Seymour's has been a go to place for years. It's got a very interesting vibe to it, and the food is solid...nothing fancy but it works. Tragically Lou Bucca took his own life a few months ago.
  10. I went yesterday and had an INCREDIBLE Pastrami sandwich. It had that melt in your mouth quality that you get at Katz's. Mark the owner stopped by and asked how everything was and I gave him the thumbs up. Eppes essen just lost my business! Irving's is the real deal.
  11. I saw the sign from Route 10 also. My curiosity was aroused so I drove in to the parking lot. it looks like its going to be a Jewish/Kosher style Deli called Irving's.
  12. My two favorites are Nunzio's in Long Branch and DeLorenzo's. Trouble is BOTH are 50 miles from my house ;>(
  13. Actually, if you live in North Jersey, you can go into NYC and get a Chicago style dog @ Danny Meyer's Shake Shack in Madison Park @ 23rd street. It should be opening for the season in a few weeks.
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