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  1. I'd really recommend planning on a few days dining outside the city as a lot of the best places can be found in the country, particularly on wine farms in Stellenbosch or the Hermanus areas, or in Franschhoek (founded by French Huguenots and subsequently the capital of Saffie gastronomy). There really are many to choose from but Overture, Terroir (both Stellenbosch) and Reubens, Le Quartiere Francaise, and La Petite Ferme (all Franschhoek)spring to mind. Closer to Cape Town, but also on a vineyard, La Colombe was recently voted #1 in SA and offers inventive French/SA cuisine. Back in Town I'd steer clear of the international brands such as Maze and Nobu (both recently opened at the One & Only Hotel) and the majority of straight European/Indian/Asian cuisine places (such as 95 Keerom, Bukhara and Haiku) as, although good in their own right, one can find the same standard or better elsewhere. Rather would recommend the tasting menu at Jardine which, at its best, I rate as offering the most ambitious and complex food in town. Bizerca, as mentioned by Petit Cochon, can be great, while Savoy Cabbage and Five Flies are reliable options. Not sure I can recommend much in the way of regional cuisine as not the greatest fan of Cape Malay but, as mentioned elsewhere in this branch, the Codfather is a good bet to get to know the differing variety of fish on offer as one can select a plethora of species from the slab, which they cook to your liking. Location in Camps Bay makes it a good lunchtime place near the beach. Hope you have a great time!
  2. Would also suggest eatout.co.za! Not the best reviews but best up to date for openings/closings and specials.
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