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  1. Window light from the side and bounced light off the ceiling from a mounted 430EX flash head.
  2. ^Yes, name dropping is GOOD for the reason outlined above. I find it good to include a mission statement that sums yourself up in one sentence. I never see this on any server or cook applications, but it's very common in the business world and in other careers.
  3. Here's a picture from today for this week's email. Very little editing was required. I just dodged the eggs a little to brighten them up. Besides that I like the warm white balance and everything else.
  4. Thank you. Here's one more I found on my computer. This is a French Laundry dessert. I made 70 servings for a special dinner we did 2 years ago.
  5. I'm the sushi chef at Fuji in Haddonfield, NJ. I do mostly car photography, some work with models, and of course food photography for the restaurant.
  6. Fujito


    I'm glad you enjoyed your Bday meal Tim. Matt--the guy at the bar--is definitely our biggest fan. I haven't posted any pics in a long long time because I haven't taken any. I re-edited two and I have a few new ones.
  7. Fujito


    haha thanks. I have a slight advantage being that I have better lighting in the kitchen and I can obtain a smaller DOF since I'm not cramped in my seat, 1 foot away from the food.
  8. Fujito


    One is almond encrusted and the other is made out of rice. I do not recall the name for that one, but it's the same idea as the pink mijinko used on the deep fried softshells.
  9. Fujito


    No, they're my pictures. I'm Jesse Ito, the full time sushi chef and Matt's son at Fuji. I dabble in photography and other arts, so I thought I'd share.
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