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  1. I may have to fly my "mom" in from NYC to go!!! Wadda ya say, mom???
  2. I've scheduled three days in a little place up in Napa, CA with my wife. We're having dinner at the French Laundry that evening (02/14). I hope she's pleased.........
  3. Hey, mom. How about if I became his sous over there? Then would you come to eat at the restaurant?
  4. culinarian247


    In the future (a bit of a way off) I would like to open a fine dining establishment. And what I would like to know is if a Sommelier is really that beneficial. I know that some restaurants have them and some don't. I would just assume that as the Exec. Chef I would have all the food & wine knowledge needed. Along with the General Manager, of course. Going through school and working I am keeping a logbook (if you wil) of any recipes I come up with. So my next course of action is to try and successfuly pair the food with wine. I just don't know if a seperate person should do this. I mean, wouldn't a customer just order what they want? And how often do customers ask for the services of a wine steward?
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