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  1. I went to an Indian Restaurant the other day and was pleased that my waitress was from Mexico City.
  2. I never thought of Momofuku as Offal-Centric.
  3. This was completely picked by someone else. Places with views scare me.
  4. My letter to the restaurant. Just wanted to let you know what a disappointing experience we had at your restaurant yesterday. From Food to Service the whole experience was very disappointing. We first tried to order pancakes for my daughter. We asked if we can have no banana on the pancakes. Our waiter, Cesar, was quick to offer up some of the kitchen's secrets. "Well" he said, "the mix that we buy our pancakes in, already has bananas added". I knew right there we were screwed in the food department. To say the food was poorly prepared would be an understatement. We ordered two Egg White Omelettes that came to the table incredibly greasy. One reason for a person to order an Egg White Omelette would be for health reasons. To serve greasy Egg Whites defeats the purpose a little. Your mushroom Pizzettas were embarrassing. For the head chef to serve something like that for that price, its a disgrace. The 4 little slices which came from a disc the size of a small tortilla, were all soggy. They were limp. Mixed with mushrooms bloated with butter and some pieces of cold garlic. For $9.50 it is just shameful. Not to mention, it was easily the worst pizza, pizzaette, tartlette, or any attempt at something like this I have ever tried. Ever. I would have accepted an English Muffin toasted with tomato sauce and Kraft Slices over this. When we arrived at the restaurant, a half empty restaurant, we gave our reservation name. This reservation was made two or three weeks ago. They looked at us like they had no idea who we were. No table was set up for our party of 5. They instead sat us at a booth table that could have easily sat 7 people. We were far away from each other and in the furthest table from the window. The manager told me to come back in 20 minutes and they would have a better table for us, one outside. When we came back, nothing had happened or be done for us. We were shocked because the manager told us he was going to save a table outside for us and we now had spent 20 minutes waiting for a new table. When we came back, new people were sitting in the table that we were going to sit in and there was absolutely nothing done for us. Then we finally got to dessert. We ordered the Chocolate Molten Cake or Flourless Chocolate Cake. Obviously, it was cooked terribly. It had no molten and was completely cooked through. Molten cake is the easiest dessert in the world and we can all thank Jeanes-Georges for that. Served with a nice side of cream whipped with lard or butter, but, we all most likely thought lard. It was disgusting to serve that fake whipped cream on the side. What made you think to serve that to customers. I just felt like you should know, or someone should know how terrible the food is in your place. It doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't have to be expensive fair, put come on, just have someone give a little more effort. Thank you for hearing me out,
  5. ChefSlade


    You can smash it in a morar and pestal and spread on toasts. Don't be afraid to open it. I think you should taste it first and it would be easier for you to determine how you would best enjoy it.
  6. You can buzz them into a paste. mix with things and poach or fry.
  7. Microwaving kills the skin. Sure it cooks it but, the skin is the thing we really need to look after when making potato skins.
  8. Bake, scoop out, cool, fill, bake. No microwaves in this one. I kid, I kid.
  9. Cookshop Telepan Shake Shack USQ Devi Keen's Sushi of Gari UWS Neo Sushi La Esquina Del Posto Artisinal Esca Shun Lee
  10. I was driving through this unfamiliar part of NJ in the early morning 4 am hours. I came upon this restaurant and noticed it was in a Plaza that also had a Chinese Grocery. I would have forgotten about it if it had not been for the grocery next door. Is there a community in the area, is this place good.
  11. ChefSlade


    Yep -- or stick it on a plate and toss it in the microwave for a few seconds. That's pretty disgusting to microwave it. You can just eat it raw before nuking it. ← Not sure what's disgusting about it, unless you find the entire concept of microwaves disgusting. I don't cook and serve them that way, after all. It's just a dirty-pan reduction mechanism: when I'm making meatballs I have enough things to wash as it is. You get a sense of the seasoning and texture quickly and easily. ← Microwaving meat gives you a sense of the texture of the meatball?
  12. ChefSlade


    Yep -- or stick it on a plate and toss it in the microwave for a few seconds. That's pretty disgusting to microwave it. You can just eat it raw before nuking it.
  13. Without sounding too offensive, he can use a pep talk from Robert Downey Jr. When Downey spoke to Stiller in Tropic Thunder,"You went full retard, man... never go full retard." When WD50 opened, they went full retard. But eventually, they pulled back the attitude and the food it tasedi amazing. Foie gras filled with the beet juice, fried mayo cubes, just wonderful, wonderful dishes.. They used the style to improve upon things and create wonderful flavors and textures. I think he is more bashing us in the face with technique and combinations for the sake of it. Again, this is one persons opinion and I am very outnumbered. Not one person on this board dislikes this place?
  14. I feel his style of cooking reminds me of Richard Blais. Though Blais is a lot more hackey and his food most of the time is down right horrible. I feel like they are more in love with the process than the final outcome. Yes it's amazing to make a ribbon of mustard but, in the end, it's just mustard in a different form. Basic skills like a fish stock for the stew tastes like tap water. Get that down first before you start making mustard crisps. I get that he is also pushing flavor pairings. Yes, it's cool to throw ice cream in a fish or banana puree to something in theory. But, if it doesnt work, I don't care how neat it sounds. WD50 is so much more ahead of this place, I dont even know if it's worth discussing. I have been to Tailor three times and might have liked a handful of dishes. I went the first month, then a few months later and then recently. But we are talking liked, not, overly enjoyed. One being a pork belly dish with caramel sauce. There are many other places to get pork belly before here. I understand what you guys are saying with me just making blanket statements.. But, I am allowed to dislike some place . If someone says they like a place or a dish was good, are people this critical normally?
  15. I am sorry. I am new to the boards and have not read through this thread. When I say it's bad, I am referring to my personal preferance. I am not the end all be all. Did not mean to offend.
  16. Unique, important and bad. I like this style of food when executed well. I like Alinea, Moto, Corton, and Pierre Garngie. I dislike this place and P*ong. It's not that I don't get what he is trying to do, it's just bad.
  17. I dont get what niche they are filling. You already have pretentious cocktail bars. You already have forward thinking restaurant like WD50 that has this type of food but, not done poorly. This place was a disaster from the start. If the chef wasn't so "cool", who would care about this place. This place is a joke on every level.
  18. When I grilled pizza in college, I used to grill one side slightly.. Then take it off the heat and put toppings on the grilled side.. I would then put it back on the grill to finish off the other side..
  19. Lo Mein, it's a beautiful thing for breakfast. I like to add black vinegar.
  20. Ahh the key ingredient, pasta water, was missing.
  21. I am confused as to why there is so much dissing of Totonno. It was my favorite pie 8 years ago and is my favorite pie now. Fg, have you been there recently?
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