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  1. Hello I brought these cookie cutters http://www.suck.uk.com/products/3d-dinosaur-cookie-cutters/ Now I'm after suggestions as to what biscuit too cook. I guess it would have to be something that doesn't rise or expand too much when you cook it. I guess a gingerbread would work, but does anyone have any other suggestions. I also hear that freezing the dough first stops it expanding too much, is this a thing?
  2. Although I live nearby, I've never had dinner in Guildford. Vero Cibo Is a pretty good Sandwich place, focusing on food from Puglia. That is normally where I go for lunch if I'm about. The Farmers' Market is held on the first Tuesday of the month with 60 stalls up the High Street. My favourite restaurant is Poachers Pocketbut that might be too far away.
  3. Hello, Seeing as I'm not heading to Italy any time soon, does anyone know where they would be available here, either on-line or in the London area? Ben
  4. Hello. I'm stuck in Plymouth this Saturday lunch time with not much to do. I've had a quick google but nothing is really standing out. Am I missing out on a hidden treat? Any recommendations for a good lunch? Ben
  5. That is a real shame. Both times I've visited the service was fantastic, couldn't fault it.
  6. To operate as a food business you would need to register with your local Environmental Health, who would be based in your district council. They are usually quite helpful. I have separate premises for food production but I know a fair few people who do operate out of their home kitchen. Environmental health should inspect your premises, I don't think they are too stick but they are keen on you having 2 sinks one for food washing and one for hand washing. At least my ones are. Also you would need a food safety level 2 certificate, which you can get by attending a 1 day course, of the most basic hygiene stuff. When I went on my one there was a fellow there who didn't even speak English, his son was sort of translating for him, and he passed. So that shouldn't be a problem. Hope that is at least of some help. Ben
  7. Round my way Durleighmarsh Farm Shop have their Asparagus ready now, ready from the 21st I believe. I've had a couple of bundles allready, well worth checking out if you are in the Hampshire, West Sussex, Surrey border area. http://www.durleighmarshfarmshop.co.uk/index.html
  8. Went to the Wild Garlic on a Monday Lunch time, as that was the only free time he had that week, so he must be doing something right. I loved it. Must be one of the most simple and well put together lunch menus. I had the Squid and Chili, Plaice Fillets, and a Berry and Meringue "Mess." All were uncomplicated and brilliant. I was impressed.
  9. Ok, So I'm off on holiday with my parents for a couple of days in Beaminster, Dorset. I'm basically looking for good foody places to visit. I know Mat Follas' place is there, which seems to have a good write up on here. Are there any loclas on here who know of any treats not necessarily resturants, but producers, smokeries, that sort of thing. Ben
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