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    I will have to try the Cod and Mahi Mahi. I've been looking for good fish, but feel as though I get ripped off getting small pieces. I'll also look up the salmon.
  2. That is beautiful and so colorful! A complete piece of art! Are you working on any new projects right now?
  3. Ohhh I love Cooking Mama for DS. I wouldn't stop until I unlocked all the foods. It's so much fun but it makes me hungry all the time. Right now there is a restaurant game on Facebook and I'm addicted to it. I'm always checking on my restaurant. lol.
  4. I don't unless it's really good then I'll take a business card and will definitely return. I'm a person who would repeatedly return to a restaurant if it's really good.
  5. AMAZING!!! I feel so inspired to make some food landscapes now.
  6. My mouth is watering. yum! I've made larp before but somehow it's comes out a bit too oily but I'll still eat it. Our favorite dish by far is raw larp. Yes it's raw red beef that is chopped and made just like larp but not cooked. Here in the US it's hard to find cooks who are willing to make you raw larp but we were fortunate to find a few places here in LA.
  7. I remember my father would roast coffee using a steel or iron wok and before that he would roast it using a popcorn popper. lol. You don't get much control on how dark your beans will be using a popcorn popper though but it will work. When he would roast the coffee using a wok he would make a blend of medium beans and dark beans. Also, a warning your whole house will smell like coffee so open all your windows. Since we were coffee farmers he finally upgraded to a 15-20 lb roaster. Just be sure that your constantly watching the color so it won't burn.
  8. I'll be interested in blending my own teas as well. Where do you purchase your teas from? Do you buy them fresh or from the supermarkets? Sorry I'm new to this but greatly interested because I'm constantly drinking tea at work.
  9. My favorite is Mocha truffles. yum!!! Although previously Ethel M's had the best mocha truffles before they revamped everything, now it doesn't taste right.
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