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  1. Connie Bednar

    What Are Your 'Everyday' Teas?

    Naftal That makes so much sense, I knew Russia got their tea by caravan but never thought of how modernization would change the flavor profile.
  2. Connie Bednar

    What Are Your 'Everyday' Teas?

    I just happened on this subject, I didn't see China Breakfast tea mentioned. This is also a good morning tea blend. I also enjoy ceylon teas as well. AS far as price, I believe due to the fact that if you purchase tea in leaf form and resteep the leaves tea is a very inexpensive beverage. I brew tea in the morning in a basket filter. Lift out the filter and set it on a saucer and make a fresh brew with these leaves when I want a second or even third cup.
  3. Tea has been a part of my life since childhood. As children my sister and I were never allowed to drink coffee but tea was allowed. For many many years I made tea with tea bags. Red Rose was my tea of choice. Several years ago my daughter introduced me to the world of loose leaf tea. I discovered that there is a whole world of tea other than black tea. I have experienced different varieties and taste profiles. I enjoy both the tasting and the knowledge I discover about this amazing leaf. I know I can learn much here and hope to share my thoughts and experiences as well. Connie