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  1. Ate at Joy Burger Bar tonight at the corner of 100th and Lex. It's a newcomer to the neighborhood (they haven't even started delivery yet). It's styled with a retro vibe-- tin trays, coke in glass bottles, lots of chrome, but doesn't overdo the nostalgia (like an EJs). It's counter ordering, and they'll deliver to the tables. The burgers come in 3 sizes (Munch-- slider, Midi and Maxi) with the most expensive $5.75 with any one of 10 sauces (from mayo, BBQ to Black Olive Paste to chimichurri), with and lettuce, onion (raw or sauteed), tomato, pickle and jalapeno if desired. Avocado, chili, por
  2. While I see the lunch date has passed, two interesting options in th neighborhood are Itzocan Cafe (a combination of mexican and French) at Lex and 101, and Don Pedro's at 96th and 2nd (Caribbean/Cuban)...
  3. Kin Khao on Spring Street has some of the best Green Curry I've had and is a nice place for celebrations...
  4. I was looking to get some good soul food, and have been hearing that Amy Ruth's has surpassed Sylvia's as the place to go... Any first-hand reviews of Amy Ruth's or other soul-food restaurants?
  5. The UES H&H sucks. I like Bagel Express on 94th and 2nd... nice and chewy
  6. I'm partial to Maz Mescal on 86th street. Good food, nice atmosphere. Yum.
  7. Does Pio Pio count? They're pretty close to a one-dish place... Also, on Schimmel's: They're tasty, and the one product line addition I've sampled, the Sweet Potato Knish, is very good, if non-traditional.
  8. I've been pimping sweet-n-tart here for a while in various threads... Standout dishes include: Chili Orange Beef and Chicken-- crispy, tart (appropriately enough) and delicious. One of my favorite dishes in the city La Mein with ginger and scallions very clean, insanely fresh noodles Dumplings-- they have a dumpling trio which are fresh and savory I've had a decent portion of the menu and it's been generally delicious from Wannam (?) style noodle soup, which came with the broth and fresh noodles separated so the noodles didn't overcook, Salted Pork Chops (mini, two-bite chops, similar, it soun
  9. Big old-time Steve's fan (the one on Columbus at 75th(?)) and so hearing about the new mix-in, went over to the CSC on 2nd and 86th. Massive line. Instead of helping the line move, they were singing. I was hoping for ice-cream, not stand-up and left. Also not a big fan of spit in my ice-cream (as they were loudly singing WHILE preparing food)
  10. America, the "I can bring a kids birthday party here" restaurant near Union Square serves Navajo fry bread. I recall it being uneventful, like all of the food there...
  11. Pan: Sweet-n-Tart has the best Orange Chicken/Beef I've ever eaten. It's one of my favorite dishes in the city... lightly breaded, with a flavorful, tangy orange sauce...
  12. There's a great chicken kabob and falafel vendor on Duane (or is it Reade) 5 yards West of Broadway on the North side of the street that has actual honest to goodness lines. Delicious delicious delicious. He's gotten some press for his food. And there's a baked potato vendor a few squares of sidewalk towards Broadway.
  13. Sounds yummy. Do they carry fresh stuff or just the packaged (though truth be told, I like Mrs. Adlers gefilte fish better than fresh)? And while we're on the subject, this Sunday, March 21st, the Pickle Guys shop on Essex will start selling their freshly ground horseradish (the employees grinding wear gasmasks)... Yum!!!
  14. I was out at Pearson's on the East Side this week and was somewhat disappointed. I didn't think it stacked up well against Blue Smoke (which I expected), or even Virgils (which I didn't)... As reported by others, almost everything was bland underseasoned, and the ribs were not particularly smoky-- the extra time hasn't changed things. The Pork ribs were a little tough as well. The Beef Ribs were very meaty, almost perfectly cooked but again underflavored. The Carolina-style pork was oddly pretty bland too-- the sauce was mild, and the brisket was dry (not at all like my mom's, though we forgot
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