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  1. Hi all Last minute trip to London happening next week with my wife 2 kids (6 and 3). Kids eat well and go to restaurants a lot but their fav food is still pizza :-) Have a few booked up like Joe Allens which the kids love but looking for a couple of other recommendations. any suggestions? We're staying on Borough High Street area if there's anything close by but happy to go wherever in search of decent grub! Thanks Martin
  2. Hi Incredibly last minute but my wife and I are going to find ourselves in South West Scotland tonight - Glasgow is nearest city. Any great foodie experience (not needing Suit and Tie as I don't have one with me) anyone could recommend? Understand liklihood of getting booked is slim but any suggestions gratefully received! Thanks Martin
  3. Hi everyone, Looking for some advice. I am graduating this weekend (mature student!) in London. I wasn't sure of the plans for this weekend but it turns out myself and 4 others will be going to London for the weekend. Myself and my wife are big foodies who don't really mind spending a reasonable budget on it but the 3 others are a bit more frugal :-) We need to find 2 places at short notice. 1. A pre theatre place on the Friday. My graduation is on the Friday and we should be back in the heart of London for 6pm - going to see a show at Drury Lane at 7.30 so need somewhere for a quick bite
  4. Hi Hoping the board can again throw up some wonderful suggestions. Going to New York on holiday again for my wife's 30th birthday in May. Have been a few times before. I'm looking for a few different kind of restaurant experiences 1. Main birthday dinner - probably not able to stretch to a 'Per Se' price of place but looking for somewhere nice for a special meal. It doesn't have to be a tasting menu but we do enjoy these - really enjoyed the Aldea tasting menu the last time we were there to give some reference of tastes etc... 2. Neighbourhood NYC places - by this I mean non touristy maybe
  5. Yes, we are planning a few nice lunches. I guess I'm maybe comparing it to New York too much where there's huge enjoyment in slobbing around an apartment and pigging out on good take out pizza or thai that I can't really get back at home. Going on the 'picnic' idea....any really good places to pick up excellent cold meats or cheeses etc...Usually get stuff at Borough Market but it won't be open until a few days after I arrive. Thanks Martin
  6. Thanks - I was hoping to get a specific good place for different cuisines - Best pizza, Best Thai etc.... Looking forward to a week without cooking :-) Martin
  7. Hi My wife and I travel to London quite a lot and usually enjoy really good restaurants. 5 months ago we had our first child and so of course, life changed quite a bit! We are going to London again next week but this time with our baby. This means that our nights will not be filled with dinner at Le Gavroche etc... but with sitting in! We have rented an apartment rather than a hotel and so are thinking about getting food delivered each night for dinner. Wondering if people can suggest the best places in London to get takeout delivery pizza, Chinese, Indian etc... any place that would do del
  8. Thanks for replies. Ideally somewhere with a tasting menu as we'd like to do that. We thought of Launceston Place - what's the current thoughts about it? I'll check out the others as well - thanks. Martin
  9. Hi Going to London in January with a set of parents. Wanting to treat them to 'special' meal - would have done Le Gavroche but it's not open on 3rd January which is when meal needs to be. Any suggestions on where to go? Nothing too offal driven as they won't have that but happy to do any styling of food outside that. Thanks Martin
  10. Hi Last few city breaks have taken me to New York and I got great advice in here for quiet(ish) places to go for drinks with nice music - Birdland stands out. Just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere with this kind of 'New York' vibe. Someone nice to chill out in and listen to live music with a drink or 2 in London? Thanks Martin
  11. christm

    Lake Garda

    Hi. Yes I know that place. Was more interested in places away from the lake that would be less tourist orientated. For example, last time we were recommended a place called Osteria Le Servite by a local (www.leservite.com) which was a 20 min drive away from the lake. Thanks Martin
  12. Hi I'm heading to a small place called Nago which is nearly Torbole on Lake Garda on Monday. I'll have a car so am looking to get away from the tourist parts of the lake to find good authentic Italian food in the surrounding area. Can anyone sugggest places to try? Many thanks Martin
  13. Hi I'll be driving from the South of Scotland to just beyond Darlington. Happy to take any route but looking for a decent place to stop for a bit of Sunday lunch - ideally nearer the Darlington end. Any suggestions? Thanks Martin
  14. In bentleys. At the bar as suggested. Thanks for the suggestions. Martin
  15. Do all the restaurants mentioned have a bar area to sit and eat? Wild Honey and J Sheekey look good - only think is I'm stuck without a change of clothes. In smart denims and a smart checked shirt. Will I be out of place in these places? Thanks Martin
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