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  1. Yes, but don't expect a refund if you don't spend the whole thing. ← Last year I split the fast pass with a friend and we ran out of money much more quickly than I thought we would. Also the lines were pretty long, even with the pass. ← Any guesstimate on the wait time even with the pass? Thanks.
  2. When using the Maverick ET-73 in the oven, does one wrap the probe wire in foil for extra heat protection? I've seen people do this on their smokers/bbq's.
  3. Sounds very good and best of all, close to me! did you, by chance, try their dessert pies?
  4. Stupid question but the FastPass is basically a $100 gift card (for 2 people) that also guarantees you the express/shorter line? Other than the express line, which is obviously important at this kind of event, it is just treated as $100 cash, yes? Thanks.
  5. I've gone to Boom Boom and also the Bon Chon on Lemoine Ave in Fort Lee and I must say I heavily prefer the bon chon... the chicken was juicier (it may have been the 2 times I went to Boom² though) and a bit more flavorful.
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