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  1. I never waste any food, not so much as a grain of salt. I just plan perfectly and everything is used up before its expiration date, with no compromises in terms of the deliciousness of what I prepare. What's wrong with you people?

    no one has called him on this yet??? PISHAW!! :laugh:

  2. my husband & i fought for weeks over who would get which cavity for their stuffing (neck or other end). of course i won & got the big cavity. well, we both had stuffing left over & put the extra into casserole dishes. well, after dinner i commented that all my stuffing was gone and he just nodded and said it went over well...

    the next morning, i found the casserole w/ MY stuffing still in the oven. dead. :angry:

  3. The rest of the trip was awesome.  I'm waiting for a massive batch of photos from our trip photographer.  He snapped a million of them so I'm sure there are some gems.  I was planning on writing up a full report of our experiences.  We found some awesome winery gems.

    would love to hear all about it!

  4. Our meal at Ubuntu last Friday was brilliant.  Unfortunately, our camera quite literally ran out of batteries right when the first course dropped.  That's a real shame because aside from being delicious and soul satisfying, the dishes were artfully done.  Our meal consisted of:

    Grilled Farmer's Potatoes, Fennel, Fennel Puree, Sherry Vinaigrette

    Broccoli Soup with Pine Nuts, Golden Raisins, Romesco, and Pine Nut Custard

    Roasted Root Vegetables, Farro, Squash Puree, Baby Herb Salad

    Barbecue Brussels Sprouts, Speckled Corn Grits, Celery Root, Spicy Apple Barbecue Sauce

    Cauliflower (Pureed, Roasted, Raw), Vadouvan Spice, Brown Butter Toasts

    We wanted to order dessert, but we were done for and couldn't stand eating another bite.  All in all, our experience was exceptional.  The wine list was approachable, our server (Randall) was on point, the food was nourishing and delicious, and an all vegetable meal was a welcome reprieve from the daily onslaught of French food in the Napa Valley. 

    The standout dish, by far, was the Brussels Sprouts.  They were glazed and smoky atop a base of creamy and smoke-spiced base of American grits.  The celery root was just barely al dente and the apple barbecue sauce was sweet, tangy, and spicy.  It was so good we nearly ordered a second one. 

    Great restaurant!

    Sounds wonderful! I really have to get to this restaurant! How was the rest of your trip? :wink:

  5. There are small towns and there are small towns.  :laugh:  :cool:

    At the beginning of November I'll be waking up each morning at an inn directly next door to Bouchon bakery. Rising each morning to the smell of buttery pastry and coffee sounds fine to me. Oh how hard it will be to have to choose each night from Redd, Ad Hoc, Bouchon, or Bistro Jeanty. To have such troubles . . .

    Heads-up on Bouchon bakery: It has been getting a LOT of downhill reports lately on CH, Yelp, and from Locals (Samgiovese, care to comment?). Apparently they can't keep staff...

    the entire mgmt staff of both places has turned over since february.

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