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  1. Living in the Northern Ca. Bay Area I have access to lots of great micro brews. We have a home dual tap to cut down on recycling and overpaying for good beer. We currently have Marin Brewing Breakout Stout and Moylan's ESB on tap. I had an ESB when I got home last night. It was killer! Nothing like topping off the secound brew with a little stout. Yummy! :raz:

  2. There is a jewel on Colombus Ave - "Da Flora" restaurant. Very moderate prices for both food and wine and is way better than any touristy spots. It was even featured on a local foodie show called "Check Please!". I recommend reservatons because it is small. Save room for dessert too. :wink:

    You could walk to your show from there assuming your going to Yoshi's.


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