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  1. Many thanks! Love working with color.
  2. Valentine chocolates: hazelnut praline and 71% dark chocolate ganache Greens: Moroccan mint green tea ganache Turquoise: Deep chocolate espresso ganache Yellow/pink: Meyer lemon white chocolate ganache Red: Dark chocolate raspberry ganache with Chambord Yellow/green: Meyer lemon mint white chocolate ganache
  3. Hi Kerry - Does this atomizer work like the small one that folds in half? I ask because I used to use that one in print making but moisture definitely came out as well as what I was spraying. Because of this moisture, I thought it might cause problems with cocoa butter sprayed on chocolate. Did this occur for you? Thanks for sharing your wealth of information!
  4. I love your cakes!! Those leaves.....
  5. Thanks - no, CB was not tempered - just a bit added while tempering the chocolate. As I thought, once I wrote this post, I returned to the 'fridge and was able to release the squares. But I will keep that in mind about the CB if I ever use large amounts.
  6. Decided to use a flat mold - not a tile - small square, about .5" deep. The chocolates will not release!! Could be the cocoa butter I sprayed - possibly too thick and there is an engraved? design (that will appear on the top of the square once released) on the mold not permitting the squares to release? Could be the extra cocoa butter I added to the chocolate? They were in the 'fridge fifteen minutes. I turned the mold over to tap out the chocolates - nothing; I have 'tapped' the tray hard and still they will not release. They are back in the 'fridge... It seems to me that molds with some sort of curve or angle will release easier. What am I missing? You know that when I go check again, they will release with no problem...just being hopeful! Thanks all!
  7. Thanks, Dean - I sort of knew that, just hoping for a solution!
  8. Just made a batch of raspberry mousse for a wedding cake. I've made it before with gelatin leaves. Used powder this time (10gr powder/20gr water) for the gelatin leaves (the conversion was correct). It seems it has not thickened yet. Worried that it may in a bit but what happens when the cake is out at the wedding for awhile? Any way to thicken the mousse without destroying what there is? Liquefy a bit of gelatin, add to a bit of the mousse and then add that to the rest of the batch? or? All ideas greatly appreciated. Hate to waste the puree that I used... Searched for related topics but did not find what I needed - or I didn't use the correct phrases
  9. cakemuse

    Cold Fusion

    Thanks, all. Yes, INfusion - of course. I guess the only difference is letting the item/fruit/tea soak in the cream overnight. Please correct me. I have been trying to make a lemon ganache - just never firm enough for filling chocolates. And specifically, with white chocolate. Hey, that lemon will certainly cut down on the sweetness of the white chocolate. If anyone has a recipe that works well and feels like sharing, many thanks.
  10. A pastry chef turned me on to using the cold fusion method to flavor ganache for a molded chocolate filling. I'm experimenting with lemon, per her instructions: -zest lemons -cut lemons in half, measure out cream and let sit overnight -cook cream, zest and lemons -strain (usual procedure for making ganache) -add to white chocolate -emulsify -ganache! Apparently, you can make a white ganache flavored with coffee beans the same way. I've searched online for anything about this method and have not found anything. I understand it is an Asian technique? So, later tonight or tomorrow I will proceed with the process. Very curious to see if this works. Anyone have any experience or info on this? I was wondering if she told me the wrong name or... Not to make anyone feel bad but it is a gorgeous day here in the Bay Area! Cheers!
  11. Thanks, all! Kerry, did you start a Chocolate forum here? I seem to remember something...
  12. Shopping for some new molds and came across these at pastrychef.com. For dipping and enrobing, seems like it might save time. Then again, not sure how easily and cleanly the ganache will come out, even though they say all should be well. Thoughts? I am LOVING this world of chocolate making - I find molds easy but with no guitar cutter, dipped chocolates have very "interesting" results. I laugh and move on...
  13. Hey Duncan - I think that batch has to do with using almond paste. I added ingredient amounts per the recipe that was posted with this method. I was just curious....they are still sitting on a tray and damp, damp, damp! They make me laugh Cheers!
  14. OK, thought I would try the method posted using with almond paste. First photo - all looks well. Second - results. These 'macarons' never got feet, the shell is soft and a bit wet - I did not fill these out all the way. They remind me of Vanilla Wafers just with almond. I forget who posted the recipe but I would be curious to see the results that you got using almond paste. Sorry, I'm back to Italian meringue...
  15. Hi Leoni - I have found Deb El's 'Just Whites' powder in grocery stores. This is readily available because it is cholesterol free. I started to do a search for pure icing/powered sugar...I'll keep you posted.
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