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  1. Just came back from a wonderful meal at Fraiche. Foodwise, Liverpool didn't treat me kindly yesterday but the Wirral more than made up for it today! Right, this will be a quick one since it's 12.30 AM and I need to be up early tomorrow. To start we had a bowl of super addictive spiced pecans, followed quickly by some black rice and tapioca crackers with yoghurt powder. Then some salted chocolate which was very fun to eat. Parmesan crisp and poppy maple biscuit finished off the snacks. Amuse: melon soup with lime foam, on top of which the waitress poured some liquid nitrogen. Lovely, fresh st
  2. Thanks for all the reviews everyone! It's been really helpful. I'm from Singapore and will be visiting UK this coming May/June. I've just emailed Fraiche a reservation request - fingers crossed for a table! It would be really disappointing to travel all the way to UK and not get to try this restaurant that everyone's spoken so well of. Slightly off-topic here - sorry - but I was wondering if anyone has any other recommendations? We'll be doing a tour of the UK, so recommendations anywhere would be really welcome!
  3. Hey guys, this is my maiden post on eGullet! It's been nothing short of enlightening reading all your posts about Spain. I'm going on a trip to Barcelona/San Sebastian this May - can't wait! I've booked Mugaritz, Akelare, Guggenheim Bilbao, and Tapioles 53. Haven't heard much about Tapioles 53 so far... has anyone been there? Any information is very welcome! From what I can gather it's just simple, fresh ingredients cooked well.
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