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  1. kayb

    Dinner 2019

    Tonight's edition of delivery dinner was from the local Cajun joint. Boiled shrimp, new potatoes, corn on the cob. They did not send cocktail sauce (you have to ask??). Fortunately, I had ketchup, horseradish, Worcestershire, lemons and hot sauce on hand. Problem solved. Kid had a fried bologna and cheese sandwich, with bread pudding for dessert. Pricy for a delivery dinner, but it was good. Shrimp hit the spot. Moving in nine days. If I live.
  2. kayb

    Kitchen photos

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the backsplash, and I wish I had the wine fridge!
  3. I love Nero Wolfe, in large part due to how much the plots work in dining scenes. I, however, would likely be an Archie, always on the wrong side of Inspector Cramer.
  4. kayb

    Adorable Gummies

    I could load them up with them and send them home, I guess. Serve their mamas right.
  5. I'm intrigued. Thanks for the link; I read it and chased some of the links. If I were to put a raised, subdivided bed around the base of an oak tree, would that be an appropriate place to try growing mushrooms? I live in Zone 7, so we have a lengthy growing season and relatively warm winter; we'll get below freezing a dozen times or more a winter, but we won't stay there more than a couple of days, typically. What kind of soil medium is best for growing mushrooms? Typically in raised beds, I use a combo of garden soil with horse manure worked in during the fall and left to percolate over the winter under straw. Then I turn the straw under before planting. Will that work? Fertilizer or no? If so, what kind? I love picking herbs and tomatoes and fresh veggies in the morning for dinner that night. Mushrooms would be an added plus!
  6. kayb


    Glad to have you here! Tell us what you like to cook!
  7. kayb

    Hello All

    Welcome, Aretha. You share a name with one of my very favorite singers.
  8. kayb

    Mozzarella: what to do with it?

    Some marinara to dip that arancini in does not go amiss....
  9. kayb

    Dinner 2019

    Sigh. I'll cook again, someday, I guess. I hate moving. The thought of the new kitchen is sustaining me. On the other hand, today all the books got finished packing and loaded into the trailer that is living in our driveway. Now I have room to pack other stuff.
  10. kayb

    Adorable Gummies

    God forbid my six-year-old grandsons every discover gummie Legos!
  11. You will not regret Early Girl, I promise. It's marvelous. I have not been to Dancing Bear, but it gets good reviews, and I've made the blueberry-goat cheese pie from there (recipe is online somewhere). I find it too goat cheesy -- so I use half goat cheese and half cream cheese, and it's outstanding. If you are a fan of sweet tea, a chain of hot dog joints called Pal's up in that part of the world (well, in East TN) has what people say is marvelous. I don't drink sweet tea (take away my Southerner credentials!) so I don't know. And if you're looking for a place to stay the night, the General Morgan Inn in Greeneville is a nice, old-and-redone hotel downtown. Would be maybe an hour from Asheville.
  12. They aren't black, but let me put in a word for two of my favorite heirlooms: Arkansas Traveler, a sweet, red slicing tomato that's relatively low-acid and makes a marvelous BLT, and Carolina Gold, a yellow tomato that grows BIG and thus makes excellent sandwiches, or anything else you want to do with it. It is VERY low acid.
  13. Glad to have you! Tell us what your culinary interests are, and maybe share with us some of your favorite things to cook and eat!
  14. You can, of course, get EVERYTHING at Amazon. I have not tried this particular product from there, but I have had domestic hackleback sturgeon caviar from the same region (White River vs. Miss. River, a difference of maybe 75 miles), and it's pretty doggoned good. Of course, bear in mind I have not had the premium ossetra stuff, either. I have also ordered this capelin caviar from Amazon. It's only fair, compared to the fresh sturgeon.