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  1. I've been searching on Google for over an hour and I cannot locate what I'm looking for. I am on the hunt for a rice cake recipe. Not rice cake as in mochi, rice cake as in cake of puffed rice, such as sold by companies like Quaker. Is it possible to make homemade rice cakes? And if so, can you direct me to a recipe?
  2. Moving up to MDI in about a week. I'll update this thread with anything I may discover while up there. Geddy's and The Reading Room are personal favorites, but there are so many excellent places around.
  3. I'm sure something delicious has already been made, but my suggestion would have been Matcha Mochi. http://cococooks.blogspot.com/2008/03/matcha-mochi.html Very traditional and my favorite way to enjoy matcha flavor. Also: Matcha Meringues http://www.hungrycravings.com/2009/08/varietea.html
  4. That's where I get mine. I dust it in my cake pans, and I also use it to shimmer up cupcakes by dusting on top of frosting.
  5. I enjoy Earl Grey or Green or Black tea with chocolate, if the chocolate is flavored with the tea or I'm having them together. But I've tried chocolate flavored teas and I was not a fan. I also don't like vanilla tea, though, and it reminded me of that.
  6. I know this is an oldish thread. But it made me laugh because I'm one of those "I don't like cheese" people. It's very considerate of you to allow for that. I don't have a good reason like "I'm Vegan" or "I'm lactose intolerant." I just dislike cheese unless it's in cannolis, tiramisu, cheesecake, or it's mozzarella. We are a strange bunch, we are.
  7. You know the only reason I went on eG today was, after finding the pop-tart recipe in your blog, to ask you for the other one that you didn't post yet. The delicious chocolate one, oh so tempting with chestnut and coarse salt... Um, promise to post it once it is perfected? Please??
  8. Aww It's all I could do to thank you for providing such awesome food for thought on your blog. One day, one day, I will get up the guts to make one of your celery creations. I love celery.
  9. ravenshadow13


    I really dislike cheese that's not mozzarella and the thought of a chunk of cheddar gives me the shivers... BUT... I love goldfish and cheeze-its. I don't understand it, either.
  10. They usually do away with the corn syrup to make some sodas Kosher for Passover. So maybe they just don't want to keep switching it around the holiday and want to get rid of the corn syrup anyway? I think it's a good thing.
  11. If it has bergamot in it... you'll know. I had some old earl grey in a tin, and the bags were completely dry and the oils had drained out of the bags over time or -something- and rusted in the tin... It was weird and horrible!
  12. Are you going to tell us which was the best, so we can try it to? please.... Edit- Aww, just checked your blog. Well... what about this one: http://southernfood.about.com/od/creampies/r/bl20127d.htm It's cooked with meringue (I'm sure you could alter that if you wanted to) and has *NO CREAM CHEESE* I might try it... I've never had peanut butter pie... and I personally do love meringue.
  13. No one's mentioned Geddy's on Main Street.... kind of loud but fun atmosphere and really really good food.
  14. I really really dislike cookbooks -without- ingredient lists! I always miss something and have to run out to the store. I also like cookbooks with pictures, but that's just aesthetic.
  15. This is the only whipped cream recipe that I use: http://hubpages.com/hub/Extraordinary_Home...ed_Cream_Recipe I once used a different one from a cookbook and it practically fell. I have never had a problem with this recipe, though!
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