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  1. The meal is after a wedding rehearsal, so they will probably be hungry. But with the number of choices they will have, not everyone is going to eat everything. We will have marinara sauce and some alfredo sauce with that area.
  2. There will be other food. We have a salad bar, the spaghetti and meatballs and also a suate to order station with veggies, chicken and shrimp with liter sauces, plus dessert to follow. The total number of people there will be about 60, so that is why we were planning for about 30 for spaghetti and meatballs area.
  3. My boyfriend and I are catering an event this weekend and we have some questions. We are going with an Italian theme. So---how much ground beef do we need to make meatballs for about 30 people, using a #40 scoop. Also how much pasta?
  4. imanalienchef

    Small amount of flour in lava cakes?

    Good idea...im making them tomorrow and will post back..thnx:huh: Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk
  5. imanalienchef

    Small amount of flour in lava cakes?

    right, but i dont want to use any rice flour or xanthan gum,,just questioning why alot of recipes add that little 1 or 2 TBSP of flour in the end and fold it in? is it really necessary is my question...its as simple as not putting it in and bam i got gluten free lava cake...c what i mean.
  6. i have a serious question. we are serving tons more gluten free people lately at our restaurant,and i make my own version of a lava cake. there is NO flour in my recipe except at the end when i fold in 2 TBSP of flour. my question is WHY? I mean ii am only adding it cause of other lava recipes that do this. Now if i take it out it would be a gluten free recipe. Do you think it would affect anything? why do people use that little bit at the end and fold it in? most of the recipe is heavy on eggs,butter and chocolate and not much else....so essentially a flourless cake underbaked to be a lavacake. so please let me know if you think that if i take out that little bit of flour if it should matter? thanks..sorry sor the winded post...
  7. imanalienchef

    prepping chopped tomatoes

    personally all your flavor in a tomato is in the seeds and pulp. in salsa the seeds are delicious, but if you want a salsa that is redder in color and not so watery then i seed. also i always skin when making salsa becuase it makes for a much nicer salsa. there is no chewy skins to deal with, as i feel it detracts from the main focus of flavor.
  8. imanalienchef

    Whipped Custard?

    it was a basic plain doughnut with chocolate icing on top, but filled with this air custard, and it was at room temperature. hope this helps, and thanks for the custard powder tip. i will try that andget back to all of you to see if it works. if not maybe someone else has an idea please.
  9. imanalienchef

    Whipped Custard?

    ok so guys/girls i did make chiboust with italian meringue to lighten it. this is not what i am looking for. it was density wise the same as custard, sort of. also with the italian meringue it was way to sweet. let me try once more. maybe a better description. the filling inside these doughnuts, and yes the bakery that made them did them from scratch as was the cream filling from scratch. the filling was just as fluffy and light and airy as cool whip/ or really fluffy whipped cream. But it was yellowish in color and tasted like bavarian cream. It was not thick in any way like custard. hope someone can help me...thanks.
  10. imanalienchef

    Whipped Custard?

    thank you both...i did not have a recipe that used gelatin before, so this is new. I will try it out and post back here with the results. I pray this is it...again thanks alot.
  11. imanalienchef

    Whipped Custard?

    ok, i am in need of some serious help. where i live they used to have a bakery, closed now, that had my favirite doughnuts. they were filled with what they called whipped custard. it was like whipped cream consistency but was custard all the way. i have searched the net and tried a few things i could think of like making custard, cooling it. rewhipping it and folding in whipped cream. That was not it. i mean literally this stuff was just as fluffy as whipped cream, not heavy at all but man oh man d-licious. any clue anyone?
  12. imanalienchef


    oh yes, the quality of the restroom. some people think a restroom is just that, a place to rest. Others believe the restroom is just called a toilet room and quickly stumble in holding their breath taunted by the optical divisions of stalls, paper on the floor, dirty sinks, half-filled soap dispensers dripping ooze, and not to mention the decrepit smell we can all associate it with...ewwww. So many of those stumblers have worse bathrooms at home so to them this is heaven, regardless. Then we have the cleanly people of the world who view this whole affair in disgust. I believe that a restroom, bathroom, toilet room, crapper, and whatever endless jargon can be thought about the name of this place, one thing holds true. i believe the restroom should be big and spacious, have very contemporary looks, some decor, a soft pleasant smell of incense to counter the lurking stench that falls behind that wall of pleasantry, a full soap dispenser, a full paper towel dispenser, a clean floor, a nice covered garbage can, and a slight dimness to it. Am i wrong but wouldn't also the best time to clean the restroom, of course, unless an accident has taken place, would be in between busy times? And that's my value added idea of what a restroom should be to us all.!!!
  13. imanalienchef

    Brownies – The Topic

    yep i see that man but heres the thing...all the people were allowed to add nuts and go with cheesecake and whatever they wanted...here only chocolate....NO NO NO nuts no cheesecake, no fruit, no funny stuff. ONLY chocolate. Besides alot of people are allergic to nuts...and yes they could just leave them out but this is not a point to ponder. Lets just do away from the getgo here. NO NUTS or anything that isnt chocolate. PERIOD. see the difference ! cool lets post people.
  14. imanalienchef

    Brownies – The Topic

    Hi everyone, heres the deal. I thought it would make sense to create a post that seems i cannot find on this site. And that is Brownies. Our chewy gooey beloved friend that has so many different textures and flavors. I personally have made hundreds of different brownie recipes and yep have even tried to mold my own. But however to no avail. Here is what i am looking for. I want a brownie recipe that is more fudgy with a minute cakeness to it, but alot of chocolate- NO frostings or toppings. Just straight up chocolate. I like a crackly top to it and love it to be dense and thick. I am so sick of seeing brownies that are like 1/2 inch or inch thick. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Not for me. I want a brownie recipe for an 8 x 8 pan that when done fills the pan ....so what is that like 3 inches thick. I want everyone to post, post and post some more here with all your delicious knock you out of the park recipes. Only chocolate. Not fruit filled or cheesecake or anything else. ONLY CHOCOLATE recipes allowed please. thanks and please respond to all and lets help each other out to find and/or create the best of the best. Question is ....can it be done????? I will be waiting!!!!!
  15. imanalienchef

    The Food Magazine on CD or as a PDF

    Hi and I have a little info to offer here... first you can goto ZINIO.COM and register there. If you install the zinio reader application to your computer you can read magazines in pdf format. You can keep looking under their free section to subscribe to digital issues. I am currently getting vegetarian times, savuer and gourmet magazine free every month. Love it, also they notify you by email as well as when you open the reader on your computer you will have a que of mags read or unread. also here is another site with links to many readable online sites....magatopia.com also Dleex.com and ISSUU.com