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  1. Here's Prasantrin's Mango Pudding with fresh raspberries. Delicious and light. ←
  2. Another thing to consider is the price is based in Canadian dollars...still kinda pricey, but...
  3. Oh yeah...can't wait for the wild Cascade blackberries this year. Should be a bumper crop with the weather this summer! Fresh blackberry cobbler. YUM. And the price is exactly right! Robin
  4. Indeed, Tony and crew...DO take care and f*** the show. We need you here for our entertainment. Otherwise, I have to go find a life... *L*
  5. Perhaps a little OT, but does anyone know if Nick's Coney Island is still in operation in SE P'land??? Awesome stuff... *drool*
  6. Think I woulda downloaded into some dahl, or ANYTHING to recycle the spices, if they were fresh...
  7. Bookbinders was one of the reasons I became interested in fine dining...back in '76 or so. Although I toughed thru 20 years of the electronic industry, I finally succumbed to culinary school, to fulfill my passion. Not sorry, but I _really_ wish more restaurants would offer benefits! Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in my second term of culinary school really changed my whole dream...
  8. Does anyone know if there is still availability at the Bourdain 6:30 dinner?? If I'm to afford the dinner, I can't afford to call Brasa from Whidbey... I suppose I could reserve another time, if need be, but would rather be with the eGulleteers. Just to insure that someone will be there to slap me, should I become giddy. Thanks!
  9. If you're mixing, then obviously don't spend any extra $$$...my personal favorite, and very cheap, btw, is Burnett's. Normally, I do Burnett's vanilla with cola, but their unflavored is FINE for dirty martinis. Even in WA state, it runs under $10 a fifth... Cheers! (where in the HELL did I put those damn olives???...)
  10. Terimah kasih...and it only took 10 minutes to remember SUCH a simple reply! *sheesh* Time to head back to SE Asia, methinks... Selamat malam... Edit to note that I much prefer fresh lumpia to fried...but that I would NEVER turn down either. YUM!!
  11. I'm thinkin' Pavlova...with some really good tropical fruits. YUM!
  12. Well, might be a little outta the way, but Toby's Tavern in Coupeville on Whidbey Island does a divine grilled Reuben, and the BEST burgers... Located on Front Street...can't miss it.
  13. That's correct, trillium--you generally find Singapore noodle in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong noodle in Singapore. Who knows why???
  14. White albacore Diced celery Diced fuji, gala or granny smith apple Miracle Whip Shredded iceberg lettuce on raisin bread YUM!
  15. YUM Now we're talkin'...gotta love HCR. Having transplanted back to the US from S'pore three years ago, there's not a day goes by that I don't wish I had some good chicken rice. And even with lessons from many locals, including Violet Oon, my chicken rice just isn't the same. *sigh* Tho Chatter Box is very tasty, it IS offensively expensive....my favorite place (and I'm drawing a blank on the name of the shop) served sublime HCR, in the same style as CB, for a fraction of the cost. It's located on Upper East Coast Road and Parbury Avenue. Another favorite, on the same genre, was the fabulous duck rice served in a small venue on Bukit Timah, across from Beauty World. Can anyone help with the names of these wonderful eateries? And please stop in and have a bite for me??
  16. Not really. But, when I was growing up my father sat to my left at the head of the table and if I chanced to have my left elbow on the table I would soon receive the tines of his fork to remind me of proper manners. Too funny...I don't remember you at our table!! Twins separated at birth? My dad did the same damn thing, and I have the scars to prove it. Not only for elbows on the table, but for hangin' on to your glass to wash down that gawdawful liver'n onions. *ugh* Not that I'm a picky eater, but my mother's liver'n onions were meant more for transportation than digestability. *shudder*
  17. Think I have to agree with you....but sooooo many kitchen stories are the same. Tony, are your ears ringing? Any thoughts?
  18. The problem with this is that people start inventing things like the 'Splade' [shudder]. Indeed....or that damn thing they call a spork. WTF? Useless utensil--I'd rather use my hands.
  19. Bourdain-ette or not---any female culinary graduate could have written that. Change the city, and that could be right outta my diary. I knew it going in, and I knew it coming out, but still doesn't make the reality any more palatable when it happens to you. "Oh, you don't really wanna be in all that heat..." ---Okay, then why did you put me next to this 650 degree wood-burning oven to dish out ice cream????? "But you're really talented plating the salads..." ---Bite me. "Well, Manuel has three kids to support, and really needs the job..." ---And my two kids don't count??? Not meaning to sound bitter---I'm not. Just predictably annoyed... *L*
  20. I raised my American kids in Singapore and they've adopted the left-hand fork and right-hand large spoon style, and no one made fun of them at camp. For myself, I do the upside down fork with my left, and knife with my right---it just makes sense for me. Frankly, any efficient way to get food in your gullet should be acceptable, as long as it's not injurious to other diners at your table.
  21. I always thought milk and ice cream, blended properly, was the answer, but being diagnosed last year with type 1 diabetes, I started using heavy cream instead of milk (no lactose carbs in cream) and WHAT a difference cream makes. I only do this with premium ice cream, and only once a month, tho my endo says I should do it once a week so I gain some weight. Right... and he's gonna buy my new wardrobe?? Plus pay for the quadruple bypass?? I think not....
  22. Dang...just wishful thinkin'... Thanks for the reply...and did you find the mangosteen?? Also a wonderful fruit. Can't wait to get back up there...up to my armpits in packing boxes and amazed at the amount of crap I've amassed in 3 years. *sigh* Also can't wait to get outta this gawdawful, freakin' heat!! *groan* Enough of my whining...off to pack more boxes...*ugh*
  23. Ben, while you're there, would you look to see if they carry the lychee's cousin, rambutan?? I'd pay just about anything if they carry them. YUM! Thanks!
  24. Thanks, Malarkey... As of tomorrow, it's official...I become a bonafide chef, so guess I have to cook, eh? I'm thinkin' latter August, when I've recovered from the move, and if there IS to be a summer, it usually occurs then, as I recall. Bring tents, grog, sides and attitude, and I think we can muster a food fest. Also, if I recall, there's a baker in the bunch??? And a couple of mushroom hunters? *wheels turnin'*
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