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  1. chad, I have a low end 1x30 sander but I also bought the variable speed control from harbor freight to slow the rpms. I think i paid 15.00 for the speed control
  2. Thanks monster, I re autotuned it after I was at set temp and after I did that My temp is solid. it has nor budged in 4 hours
  3. e_monster, I saw back a while your PID settings with a roaster. are they still 250-900-100 or did you find better settings. I used auto tune and I hang below temp a degree or 2 longer than I like while it stabilizes
  4. What are your thoughts on a belt sander with 1200 grit paper? Many years ago I toured a Knife manufacturer and the edge was put on by skilled workers and a fancy belt sander. I soon after started experimenting with that method and I still put my edge on with the belt sander and fine tune with stones and a steel
  5. Thanks...I was afraid of that. Its taken me 3 weeks to go from start of this thread to the end but in that time I've made some of these great recipes here and I'm hooked. My low end roaster has never been used so much. The PID was well worth the price
  6. Is it a waste of time to rewarm a frozen sous-vide protein in oven like a tv dinner? Im looking to make some easy prepared dinners and freeze for my son when I have to work late. Would the oven kill the wonderful texture of a turkey breast medallion done at 141 degrees?
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