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  1. Hey David, sounds great, just hope he gave you a wet wipe on your way out!!! for your brown nose!!!!...............
  2. The best part was Marco kicking the shit out of the guide. He is still a legend. The worst part was the under cover inspector who very much looked similar to Bulmer likening it to being an undercover agent, ''it's like a licence to eat''.....knobjockey.
  3. I would probably go to Pied a terre as Shane is definitley a solid cook producing great Classical dishes with his own unique twist and a little less informal than the other 2. I'm there in a few weeks myself. Hope this helps.
  4. I think you should try all 3 as each are very different allowing you a wider spectrum of styles to enrich ones Gastronomic soul.
  5. Worst meal I had last year. 470 pounds for 2 and 4 and a half hours of the most excruciating service.
  6. Check out the Mails Jan Moir slating modern british cuisine and Jay Rayner quite rightly defending it in his paper... Scrap - scrap - scrap. P.S sorry for the spelling on Rayner. I was so excited. Ha ha
  7. I couldn't possibly comment, but if I was a betting man!!!!!!!!! P.S just heard on the Bush telegraph a certain Young Chef has won Central. A Will somebody from Shropshire, anyone heard of him.?....
  8. Rumour has it for the Midlands. Head Chef from Galtons Morston Hall. Will Holland. The Culinary bad boy otherwise known as Daniel Clifford. Just a hunch mind...
  9. Well done to Brett. I hope he's snorting some class A's from a hookers breasts....lol
  10. Went very recently and definitley recommend at least 6 dishes. Highlights were Onion squash soup, probably best soup had this year. 'Scotch broth' halibut with Black pudding and neeps and tatties and aged shoulder of mutton. Been several times, this was the strongest yet. P.S nearly forgot. Red mullet, squid and rabbit bolognaise was outstanding.
  11. Had a great 20 course menu this Summer with some mates, Sime did us proud. 2 stars in Jan. Fingers crossed.
  12. Hibiscus hands down. Very unique and informal. The food has gotten better and better. Claude has retained his 'out of London style' even whilst he's in the midst of it, deffo contender for a future 3 star restaurant.
  13. Pre-dessert was lemon verbena brûlée with popping sugar and – how do i describe this one – sorbet made from berries found in hedges by the seaside. I am not even going to guess the name. Big smiles all round. Sea Buckthorn Perhaps?
  14. I think I love Shaun Hill........................in a cheffy way of course!!!
  15. Wow! one the most flowery reviews i've ever read, I think I've got indegestion. Nothing to do with Purnells just the writing.....
  16. I'll certainly be there next time I get the chance! Ended up going to Hart's on sunday. I had a nice terrine for starter, but the venison main course was rather disappointing. It was cooked perfectly, but sadly the rest of the dish didn't really work - it seemed like technique over taste. My Crème brûlée dessert was excellent though. It was a shame, because all the ingredients are there for a really good restaurant but it just falls short. I always think they try too hard, Harts is basically a Brasserie and should be serving solid Brasserie dishes but always try to creep up to fine dining level and find themselves out of depth.. Very frustrating.
  17. You should go to The Square for 2 courses and then to Hibiscus for another 2 as they are so close. I did this a couple of Months ago, a great way to get over your dilemma.
  18. Yes, as it builds tension for the higher rounds. They should also improve a lot more now in the latter stages of the comp.
  19. I think they call that editing Matthew. I think anyone watching, thinking this is a true reflection of the industry must think Father Christmas is real....
  20. Poor Bastard, he's having a shit time of late, but a bit of me feels he will come back, like a phoenix.... P.S and how boring is it out there.........zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  21. Exactly. ← He must of had a 'lamb shank' before service........Haha
  22. Seconded. ← I think he will be remembered as the gobshite that could cook.........! He should apply to go on Kitchen nightmares....
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