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  1. I have tried Ethiopian Food once in Chicagoland long time ago, and I remember it was delicious! unfortunately I can't recall the name. And I had always wanted to eat Ethiopian food again, just didn't know where to go. Thanks for the names! ~Saraaaa
  2. The term 'salad' is indeed overused sometimes, people have the impression that eating 'salad' is healthy, but should always pay attention to the ingredients and dressing especially (could add to those carbs and fat)!
  3. yummmy pictures! I love eggs and brunch food, but for breakfast during the work days, I opt for simple quick cooking oats with unsalted almonds and raisins.. simple, delicious and healthy!
  4. I like traditional and simple sushi. Though I know a lot of americans like fusion and creativity, so I am sure the market is there.
  5. Saraaa


    I love fresh mangosteen, but I have never tried frozen mangosteen, sorry can't answer your questions. Let me know how it went!
  6. Saraaa

    Dinner! 2009

    Wow wow wow! Percyn, that definitely looks like an extremely delicious and fabulous valentine dinner!
  7. I would not rule out instant coffee right away, I am curious to see/try what Starbucks comes out with, it could be good to our surprise. I used to drink packaged instant coffee in college, they are cheap and creamer and sugar has already been added, so it's very convenient for me at that time as a student living in dorm room. And just add more water if you think it's too sweet.
  8. What an interesting topic!! Heavy cream, mayonnaise, sour cream! (I don't like cream in general as you can tell!)
  9. I had one my of favorites - jasmine green tea today.
  10. Saraaa

    Game night

    Cheese and cracker is a good idea. How about bruschetta - easy and tasty, but only good when warm. Pita chips with spinach dip is always a hit too. If you have time, try making parsnip cakes, they can be served in small pieces and will definitely impress your guests!
  11. Interesting post and thinking. I also pay attention to 'balance' when cooking meals. I think in terms of different color (red like tomoto, orange like carrot, green like broccoli, yellow like potato), different tastes (salty, sweet, spicy, sour) and different textures (thick gravy, soupy, dry) and of course different nutritions (protein like fish or meat, vitamins & minerals like vegetables, and starch like pasta or rice or bread). Wow cooking is indeed an art!
  12. I love dessert too! and what great idea to make it a meal, because so often, we are too full from the meal and have to squeeze space for a few spoons of dessert! Maybe due to my love my dessert, I have to watch my intake of fat and sugar. I found this pancakes recipe - Low-Fat Whole Wheat Cinnamon Pancakes - that are very tasty. I like the taste of whole wheat. Also I absolutely love the pumpkin twist to this french toast recipe - Pumpkin Pie French Toast Recipe. Enjoy!
  13. I live in the U.S. and have worked in HK for a year three years ago. I would say food over there is very different from those in the U.S. There are more varieties in terms of cooking and ingredients. The sauce tastes more authentic, as in they don't taste like they are from from a bottle or something, but from real ingredients. By the way, I am sure a lot of people know about this, I knew it before going to Asia too - fortune cookies originated from U.S. (I heard San Francisco) and they don't exist in Asia.
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