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  1. We went to the Greenbrier about 4-5 years ago for my Dad's 60th birthday. My recollection is a bit foggy, but the main things I recall are: 1. I took a picture of my Dad and stepmother during dinner. Evidently, Jack Germond (journalist) was in the background and complained. So, I was scolded by the staff. 2. The dining room was huge . . . and almost empty . . . on a Saturday night. 3. My sister brought a date, who was sort of a dud. But, I felt bad for him because he neglected to wear a tie, and they refused to seat him. So, he had to borrow a tie from the lost and found. It was sort of a purple knit tie that looked, shall I say, "Bold", in combination with his green dinner jacket. 4. I recall that the food was ok, but not memorable. 5. Expensive. 6. Having been once, we won't be returning. 7. We didn't stay there because we have a home in West Virginia. So, I can't comment on the lodging. Basically, it was as expensive or more expensive than a top of the line restaurant; however, the food was mediocre (for the money) and the atmosphere was, in a word, lacking.
  2. eating foliage a friend swore that eating tree leaves did the trick. so, we did. and, no, it didn't.
  3. I would go with Vin if you are staying in Raleigh
  4. sounds like fun. we're in. ticket idea sounds wise.
  5. Varmint was spotted stumbling around Glenwood Avenue, mumbling about the Pack and Brett Favre's concussion, so I think that is a good sign.
  6. Sorry for the offending post, but you really should get the album, Robbie Fulks, Country Love Songs. If you go to this board at the Robbie Fulks web-site, you will find the place where the good people of that website supplied the lyrics to the classic song, aptly entitled, The Scrapple Song
  7. Quickly, I had a corn soup, which was outstanding, amberjack (with some sort of Asian noodles in a mild broth), which was ok, and "PB&J," which was pistachio butter brioche with blueberry compote and a glass of milk, which was great. My wife had a basic salad, which she liked, red snapper with summer squash, which she loved, and a trio of vanilla desserts (creme brulee, vanilla poundcake with some kind of compote and raspberry ice cream, and a cream soda float), which was also very good.
  8. I don't have time to say much, but, last Friday, looking for someplace to go to dinner that we hadn't been recently, we called Frazier's on a lark to see when it would be opening again. Turns out that last Friday was opening night. We had an early dinner that was excellent. The restaurant's design has only slightly changed, and the menu didn't appear to be much different from it's prior incarnation, which is a good thing to me. We had a very good meal. The desserts were much more innovative than the rest of the meal and were excellent. There were some opening night jitters: computer problems, wine and beer not yet chilled, etc., but the proprieters were very gracious as always. As when we went to Frazier's in the past, we left remarking about what an enjoyable meal we had and promising to return soon. Glad to have Frazier's back in business!
  9. I am surprised that you had such an experience at Vin. They have highchairs, and we have brought out daughter there for dinner and brunch many, many times. No one has ever been anything other than very accomodating. When we take her with us, we generally try to eat at non-peak times, like 5:30 or 6 pm, but it has never been a problem. In fact, it is one of our favorite places to take her.
  10. So, does anyone know why Vertigo closed? Also, the sign in the window says it will be reopening as [i forgot the name] diner--is the new owner someone who was affiliated with Vertigo?
  11. We went to the Inn in May to celebrate my mother's 60th birthday. It was our second visit in the past 5 years. Both visits were exceptional. On both occassions, we also spent the night at the Inn, which is an expensive treat. As far as the meals go, on both occasions we were very pleased. I wouldn't say that the menu was particularly innovative, but everything was well-prepared and tasty. We have also recently dined at Citronelle, which was also mentioned in this thread, and we had a great meal there as well. I wouldn't hesitate to go to either restaurant again, despite the high price tags. The two restaurants are quite different, and I find it hard to chose one over the other. PS: There seems to be an overlap between the D.C. & DelMarVa forum and the Southeast forum. The Inn is far enough outside of D.C. that, personally, I would claim it for the Southeast. Likewise, Richmond restaurants are discussed in both fora and surely they should be in Southeast. It would be nice if the overlap was eliminated so that it would be easier to find all discussions of restaurants in those border regions. Perhaps D.C. could be renamed D.C, Deleware, Maryland, and the D.C. suburbs, or something like that. Just a random thought.
  12. If I am not mistaken, looks like Varmint weasled his way into the Farmer's Market photo.
  13. Thanks for the tips. The link to Fonda didn't work, but I found it here. Thanks
  14. We are thinking about heading to this event in a few weeks, and I have a few questions (we live in NC and have never been to Austin): 1. It looks like the food tents / vendors are better than alot of festivals and draw from local restaurants. Is this true? Here is the link to the food vendors: food court What do you think? 2. Is there any upscale must-eat-at restaurant in Austin? I am sure there are tons of good places, but is there any one place that is the sort of place where you'd be making a mistake if you were in Austin and didn't go there. 3. With one stage being the Heineken stage, I assume beer is served. True? 4. I know most of the bands and know we will like the music. But, I am unfamiliar with the venue and wonder whether it will be so crowded that you won't really be able to get very close to the stages. Has anyone been to past this even in past years? Here is the festival link 5. Any other ideas or thoughts? Thx
  15. sounds interesting, but it all depends on the date and our schedule. keep us posted!
  16. Varmint says they serve a great BLT.
  17. DonRocks: Thanks for the post! I love Vin, and I have said so before! I am glad to hear that someone who writes better and with more authority than me also has a very favorable impression of Vin. Time after time, when my wife and I (and now our baby) get a hankering for good food, we invariably find ourselves making the short drive to Vin, and we are always happy. We've probably eaten there over 30 times, and we have ALWAYS been very pleased with our meal, whether it was a small meal of appetizers at the bar, a full dinner, a New Year's eve tasting menu, or a Sunday brunch. Add to the food a great wine list and a pleasant atmosphere, and you have a great establishment. It is truly a unique restaurant, especially in downtown Raleigh. For those who haven't been, check it out.
  18. Thanks for sharing the trip details, Dean. Looks like you and the vermin had a good time.
  19. What are his other establishments?
  20. I should have posted my last post in this thread instead. Anyone have any other thoughts on where one should go for one night of fine dining in Pittsburgh? Thx
  21. We will be in Pittsburgh for 1 night in a month. Anyone have any additional thoughts on fine dining in Pittsburgh (ie, where should we go)? Thx
  22. Zeb A


    or, check out: Biscuit King 816 Ninth St., Durham NC (919)286-2153 they served great biscuits years ago, and i assume they are still good
  23. Zeb A


    I vote, "Yes." I think Biscuitville has the best biscuits of any chain. Much less greasy than, for example, Bojangles, in my opinion. Chicken biscuit is hard to beat.
  24. We had an unexpected evening in Greensboro, and, of course, relied on this site to find a good meal. We ate at Bistro Sofia last night, and had a really good dinner. Thanks for the info. Bistro Sofia
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