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  1. what is your preferred brand of soy sauce for cooking and dipping? the brands i only know are yamasa and kikkoman. which among the 2 you prefer more? i havent seen yamasa being sold in my neighborhood but which among the 2 is cheaper
  2. checked my measuring cup earlier today and it says 240 ml for 1 cup. hmm 200ml is japanese right? ps--thank you for all the response. im very happy and learning a lot here. hope i could contribute someday.
  3. im currently using ajinomoto hon-dashi bonito for a cup of dashi (for this brand) is 1/4 tsp of granules enough? thanks!!!
  4. currently im using ume-sake for my cooking (which i got as a gift from my friend) i havent tried using normal sake for my cooking. but im wondering if i can use regular rice wine as analternative to japanese sake. chinese rice wine is generally cheaper and easier to find to where im from. most japanese products here are expensive.
  5. @stealw wat i done is perfectly safe. i steam it for 10 mins.. no aches so far! but it takes too long to do it. @hiroyuki already bought tsuji's book! very informative! @torakris correct me if im wrong. 1. do you add the teriyaki sauce over the chicken and oil durng the frying process? 2. leftover sauce? the teriyaki sauce left from the pan? so oil is mixed with sauce right? so how much oil do you use lets say 1 lbs of chicken thighs? im just afraid of not using the right amount of oil-- could be too much or not enough thanks!!!
  6. how do you cook your chicken teriyaki? here's my version I marinate the chicken overnight overnight with teriyaki sauce, fry the skin part in cooking oil (med heat) and fry the rest in low heat. I pour the excess marinade over the cooked chicken and steam in med heat. am i doin it right? it taste quite ok but i want to perfect my cooking
  7. hi has anyone posted a galbi jim aka korean beef stew recipe? its one of my fave comfort food
  8. hi newbie here. tried okonimiyaki first time in HK and 2nd at narita and i love them so much! since okonomiyaki is not available in my place, i tried making one myself with the help of the internet. the pancake itself was pretty ok but the sauce i made is terrible. i followed a recipe that calls for a mix of ketchup and worchestershire sauce. unfortunately okonomiyaki sauce is not available at my place. can anyone help me find/share the recipe. please please
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