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  1. I am curious about the glass range hoods - I've never seen one. We also have our hood over our island and had the same concerns about something being this huge intrusive thing! We opted for encasing our hood in wood - and I love it - LOVE it. I do wonder though what the glass ones look like. Do you have any pics?
  2. That is exactly how I feel about MY kitchen. I love my kitchen. I know that there are things in it that others wouldn't need or want - but it's MINE lol. An example - I have two pull out trash bins - my designer told me I would be thankful one day. I thought, nope, I don't need that - well, with the size of my kitchen and the placement of them, I am really glad to have them - but to just see that/hear that sounds like a complete waste. I didnt' know until I had to WORK in my new kitchen how right she was.
  3. ITA. I love love love mine. I have a real LC one and also the Sam's knockoff and honestly I can't tell the difference. They both rock!
  4. Oh and I wanted to chime in about cookware. I have used every freaking "high end" brand there is and nothing - NOTHING compares to my stainless Cuisinart that I got for a steal from Amazon. OMG nothing but NOTHING sticks or stains. I love it love it love it. I think that most things in the kitchen are so very individual - depend so much on the cook AND the family they cook for, yk? What is indisposable for one person is a waste to another. I will say that it does irk me to see people put enormous amounts of money into their kitchens for show only - when they don't like to cook and don't do much of it - but that is more a peeve than true waste, because money spent in a kitchen can be a good investment...
  5. Two huge things for us when we were designing our kitchen were the countertops and the range hood. Our island is HUGE and we just couldn't imagine the glare of a big granite slab in the middle of the room - and we didn't want visible seams, either. We went with Corian and we could not be happier! Our range is built into this enormous island, and needed a hood. The thought of some huge stainless blimp thing hanging down was unappealing so our contractor suggested framing it in with wood, something that would also help absorb more sound. WOW. Honestly I don't even notice it sometimes. My kitchen is warm and inviting, in spite of the big, modern appliances. Because we live in the woods, we wanted to make sure that the materials we chose were not going to clash with our surroundings. We had to work hard to get that feel right, though. Here's a picture ....
  6. We are a family who loves leftovers for the most part. I tend to make a lot of foods that actually taste BETTER the next day though I think. Curries are a treat. I love to find that other half of my steak to have with breakfast...
  7. This is a fun thread! I'd take my "magic pot." It's my enameled cast iron dutch oven that turns perfectly good food into PERFECT food every time.
  8. No tablecloths, only placemats here. When I had a formal dining room I always used tablecloths becasue I used a table pad and they don't look nice with just placemats IMO. My table now is more like a farm table and I love the way it looks with just mats - casual.
  9. We have two eating places in the kitchen - our island is 12ftx6ft and has my stove built in - I keep a spoon rest and my pretty salt and pepper shakers on the griddle part. On the actual island is a HUUUUGE bowl of big huge pottery fruits, my fish bowl, a bowl of green apples, and my laptop. I can not STAND having stuff on the island that doesn't belong there or isn't being used at the time. On the actual dining table there are 6 place mats with chargers and napkins on them. I have a large vase of sunflowers in the center. I like to keep that table "set" because I find it inviting that way. It kind of reminds me to actually serve meals there sometimes lol.
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