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  1. I agree with njfoodie, I believe that the food can rival any restaurant in Montclair. Everytime I go, I always go for the specials, they are innovative and absolutely delicious. By the way, I went on Friday without a reservation, and I had to wait for a table.
  2. Do they have one in Essex County. I hate driving on Rt 22 for any reason.
  3. Yes it is a BYO - they also have a list of suggested wines with the entrees. If you call ahead you can get it.
  4. I know this sounds a little redundant - but Cafe Matisse and Sonoma are always on my list too.
  5. I have to say that I wholeheartly agree. It is a delightful restaurant. Rosie - have you been to there wine tastings? I just went to the latest one in September. It was like no other wine tasting I have ever gone to. I have been to Napa Valley, France, Germany and went to many wine tastings. This was very unusual, you bring a wine that they assign you and have a four course dinner and the Chef Kevin, tells you about all kinds of trivia concerning the wines. The food was great - it was an American theme, we had Rainbow Trout, Long Island clams and Filet Mignon. It was a lot of fun.
  6. I have been to Luce - I will never go back - definitely not Mezzanote!!!!
  7. You should also try Women's club - Glen Ridge, Upper Montclair. There are not a lot out there - it also depends on the number of people.
  8. I was planning on going to Meritage next weekend with some friends!! Not I am not so sure, Is Kim's experience a fluke!
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