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  1. This is probably obvious but... is the method for using "blue" maseca the same as regular? I have some blue maseca and some free time tomorrow so i might give it a go. I've not had a great deal of success making tortilla's in the past, i feel I am missing out on the puffing up.
  2. I've been trying to find this. Is "vegetable" a specific vegetable? What brands should I be looking for?
  3. You can subscribe online for free www.freereadgreen.com. Online Subscription of course EDIT: I can now see that it's not Saveur
  4. Petra - Near the eye hospital - Syrian Palmiro - Chorlton - Italian
  5. I didn't use a casing as such, I just wrapped it in muslin.
  6. I'd heard from somewhere that there were very high numbers for grouse, due to the cold winter and warm spring.
  7. Looking at what he says on his site it looks like they're home cured by the man himself. I guess if they are his own pigs then he can sell them for whatever he likes. His feedback looks ok. Not really the same thing but last christmas I was in Spain and I wanted to have wild boar. My friend pointed me in the direction of a guy he knew. They kept boars on their land roaming free and he grabbed a live one and killed it for me. It cost a fraction of what it would have cost at the butcher. So I guess if they are doing it themselves with their own stock there's no reason why you should have to pay the extreme prices they charge in the shops and "museu de jamon"
  8. 2 things. 1) The guys on ebay are undercutting the other guys, the "specialist" websites do charge a huge premium for things such as ham. However... 2) There are different catagories of jamom, with a broad price range. Even the "pata negra" hams have a broad range of "quality" so some are much more expensive than others. In Spanish supermarkets you can find whole hams all in the same area ranging from 40 euro's to 300 euro's. The layperson wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
  9. Frozen peas are generally better than fresh, unless they super fresh of course. I'm going to have to try canned french beans seeing as they have proved to be popular
  10. blanching, shelling and peeling chestnuts is definitely up there for me as well
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