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  1. For me it was Wild Boar Mole and Lamb Neck stew.
  2. I'm with you on this, I just can't get my brain around it and most likely wont either. Tomatoes not until summer, same with Corn etc. and buying imported produce from places like Mexico and Holland - just baffles me.
  3. As far as I knew, Pots de Creme were chocolate based, at least in the places I've worked they've all been chocolate.
  4. I cook from my heart and soul, do you really need much else?
  5. Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but Eli has put in his notice at Eno and is headed to NYC for a guest chef gig at "Solo". ‘Top Chef’ contenstant Eli Kirshtein leaving Eno
  6. Not true. In his show "In Search of Perfection" he shows how you can do the aerated chocolate at home. With minimal expense really.
  7. I personally would love it, and spend the money on it.
  8. I'd have to agree, being a culinary school grad a lot of job openings right now are looking for experience and/or some sort of culinary schooling. While a few of the jobs I didn't get selected for, I got called in to stage because of my schooling.
  9. I like what Heston Blumenthal had to say "Some people called it molecular gastronomy, I call it good old fashion cookery with science thrown in for good measure."
  10. I usually go with World Spice based out of Seattle for dried chilies, they even carry the ghost Chile. Though I will admit that I haven't had the nerve to order the hottest chile in the planet. And since I live in Oregon, it doesn't take long to get to me.
  11. I just got 4 of the them, two small two large. I'm doing a stage today, to possibly be the garde manger cook at a restaurant here in Portland. Because I am the ultimate nerd, I had them engraved with "Cook free or die". I can't wait to give them a test run today. They're well balanced, and just feel 'right' in my hand. Better than the spoons I was using which were flimsy, I bent one working on beef tartare.
  12. Are you serious? I don't know where to begin.... I've been involved in competition (ACF), I've worked in kitchens, there is a certain honor code. That's stuff you just don't do. And to think that Kevin of all people, is even more absurd.
  13. I'd have to agree, and what miff's me people get PO'd because of the whole home cooking issue, while yet he states from the get go that it's not a normal cookbook and repeats it throughout.
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