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  1. I have several different setups, all inexpensive. I had good luck with veggies, using the submerged ziplock, and a large stockpot(20 qts, and a good fitting lid). With a gas stove, and a large pot, it would hold within 1 deg F for 12 hours at the 183-185 range (takes a lot of fiddle time to find the right setting, but it's cheap). I had better results with "freezer" bags than the less expensive ones.
  2. Has anyone tried to sous vide the eggs at the temp for their desired yolk consistency, then chill. Later, place them in a hotter bath, for a derived time to set the whites to the desired stage. I'm assuming there would be a small delay in the heat transfer from the white to the yolk. Then one could shock the egg in a cooler bath to protect the yolk. If one pasteurized the eggs in the first step, then you could store them, and reheat in an under 145F (serving temp) bath to serve any time. A lot of fiddling and variables, but may be worth the effort. Disclaimer: I have several heated and chilled baths.
  3. Black douhua (黑豆花) is a type of silken tofu made from plain black soy beans and soybeans, which is usually made into dòuhuā (豆花) rather than firm or dry tofu. The texture of black bean tofu is slightly more gelatinous than regular douhua and the color is greyish in tone. This type of tofu is eaten for the earthy "black bean taste.(from Wikipedia)
  4. When my daughters were young, Emma called her younger sister "Marcie-celery" instead of Marcella.
  5. I did ossobuco with marrow bone at 58.5°C for 12 hours, the meat was pink, succulent and fork-tender, but not falling apart like after traditional braising, and the marrow was soft. For the recipe see http://sousvide.wiki...m/wiki/Ossobuco I've tried slices of marrow bones @ 135F, overnight packed with sous-vide garlic and BBQ sauce. Great spread on toasted garlic bread (LaBrea). I didn't take notes, careful with the sauce, or it's intrusive.
  6. I often sous-vide a packet of garlic cloves, with a little oil @ 183F, then add that to the meat packs.
  7. yosemit3

    Sous vide reheating

    I just started using generic freezer "ziplocks", sealing by submerging to the last corner. Seems to work just fine. Off hand, I would thaw at pasteurizing temps, ie. over 130F.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. My computer with the recipes is waiting for parts. I think I tried the first link last year. It took forever to rise, 18 hrs @ 90F, and then forever to bake, 90min @ 375F to get to 195F. Great when done though.
  9. Since LaBrea doesn't market the Chocolate Sour-Cherry Bread any more, I NEED a comparable recipe. Thanks
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