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  1. I'll totally second the Greenhouse. Outstanding meal! for some reason it reminded me of the old days of Thyme in Clapham. Don't know why.
  2. Depends on what type of place you looking for. A bar were all the beautiful people are, 'enjoy your skinny Mojito sir!’ or a more traditional boozer for a good Guinness or two? Personally, I’m a big fan of Kehoes off Grafton Street (Kehoes Link).
  3. Limerick (city) has bee a bit of a black hole for quality eating until recently. However this is starting to change and I can recommend a couple of places in the city that while aren't high end dinning experiences, do provide a good night out. First is The Cornstore on Thomas Street, a great new bar/restaurant with a good cocktail program. This is currently the place to be seen in the city. The French Table (http://www.frenchtable.ie/), a lovely little French place at Steamboat Quay. Atmosphere can at times be a little lacking but has been a lace I've returned to again and again. For a more casual brunch/american dinner there is a fantastic place The Wild Onion (http://www.wildonioncafe.com/) run by Bob and Ruth DiGirolamo from Chicago always packed on the weekend. - Just thought you had best check ahead to see if they are open as I think they may be on Christmas break. You can also try the bistro at No 1 Perry Square, a recently opened boutique hotel I've not been but have heard the food is quite reasonable but they were still working out the kniks inn the service Further afield you may want to try 27 Church Street (http://www.27churchstreet.ie) or The Cherry Tree (http://www.cherrytreerestaurant.ie/) in Killaloe. I'll second the recommendation for the Mustard Seed which is always fabulous but you may also want to try a place called The White Sage in Adare run by an ex chef at the Mustard seed. Again I've not been but have heard good things. Hope that helps Scotsaute
  4. While I remember, in reply to my own post! Any good kitchen supply shops (knives, pots etc)?
  5. Will be in the Rockledge area for a couple of weeks. I've searched the Florida threads and have a couple of recommendations for eating out (however if you have any additional recs they would be most appreciated). However, as we will have our own kitchen, I am looking for recommendations for good quality Deli, butcher, fishmongers, etc in the area. Thanks in advance
  6. O.K. three couples coming from Ireland looking for a good Sunday brunch.in Manhattan. Good food and cocktails a mus, anyone with recommendations? Arriving the 2nd dec and one of the party has birthday for tye second so something out of this world would not be amiss. G
  7. Coming over to Manhatten between the 23 and 27th July with the wife. I've read through this thread with great interest but have a few small questions. I love anything to do with Offal but my better half is a vegetarian , what are the vegetarian options like and is there a veg tasting menu? Also, how difficult is it to snag a reservation? thanks Scotsaute
  8. All, I'm looking into booking RHR hopefully in the next few weeks but I'm having difficulty in finding how vegetarian friendly it is (the wife is not strictly a vegetarian but is an extremely fussy eater, only certain fish no red meat, no wild mushrooms etc, etc. ) From looking at the web site there is no example of a vegetarian menu Prestige. Do you know if they cater for vegetarian dinners? Desperately want to have a meal there and it would be nice if the better half could attend also. Thanks, Scotsaute
  9. Very late notice I know but a last minute business trip means that I’m staying at Paris CDG airport this evening with a fairly early flight tomorrow. I was hopping someone may be able to recommend a decent (not too expensive) place to eat in the local area as I hate to think what the airport hotels catering is like??? Thanks in advance, Scotsaute
  10. Pinga, When were you at Ballymaloe? I will be attending the 12 week course in September and would like to hear any comments you may have. Scotsaute
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